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    I've been trying for the past few days to get Vault Hunters to work using CurseForge, and everything I have tried has resulted in it launching Vanilla Minecraft. It opens the FML early loading process, then Minecraft 1.16.5 launches while the FML is still open (so I have two windows now), and it says "Minecraft (Modded)" in the bottom left corner, but there are no mods loaded. I've tried downloading other modpacks, and they did the same thing. I've tried earlier versions of the Vault Hunters pack, no difference. I've found no answers online, although clearly other people are having the same problem because I saw a thread reporting the same problem, but it had no replies. My other modpacks, ones I've for months, probably a year or more, work fine. I'm able to play them with no issues, but it seems to be specifically modpacks that I've just installed.

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