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    Recruiting for players for our ever growing community and crafters. We definitely welcome anyone especially very active players who are able to provide growth towards our flourishing world.


    We are also looking for staff members from moderators to builders or even just helpers for anyone new coming into the server. Ofcourse applying for these positions aren't guaranteed and wish to see more activity from you first before we end up appointing such request to your directions


    If interested and have further question please contact me on discord: Casms#1234
    Or you can just find me in the server at:


    We also have a discord server: https://discord.gg/XTQKjr94kp


    Note: Don't forget this is RLcraft, so your minecraft (curseforge) should be modded for it to be able to enter the server. If you dont know how, message me on discord and I might be able to help you.

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    Hiya, how are you all doing? We are looking for members on this wonderful journey towards a collaborative adventure together in our Server. Nerfcraft is a long-term SMP running on a Java Semi-Vanilla Server. We will be using 1.18 version of minecraft cause we find it the most stable compared to the newer ones. We will eventually upgrade servers once we find more stable versions above that. If you are still intrigued after reading this far, then continue onwards, hope to see you there!


    What does the server have?


    The server will mostly be vanilla to capture that classic minecraft feel, but we will be adding some mods for quality of life that some popular servers implement like hermitcraft's mod pack and some counters (death, time playing) to keep people on the loop. Maybe add in some other mods if more people request on it as long as the mod doesnt impact gameplay (such as Quality of Life mods for streaming, etc)


    We are pretty open to new things and we will eventually vote on new things to be added should the necessity and needs arise whether it be mods or further rules.


    What is our goal?


    NerfCraft's purpose is to make an ever growing community of streamers and content creators to collaborate and create wonderful things in the game. Whether it be random projects of base building or work of arts, we would like to welcome all kinds of creativity into the server. Even aspiring streamers/content creators should be able to inquire and be accepted with no problems as long as our requirements are met.


    We are dedicated in blooming into a group of friendly and dedicated players willing to put a lot of time into this world, so being very active is one of the most important things to us.


    So far so good, so 'what now?' you say,


    We started this recruitment drive in hopes to drive people into creating a community similar to that of Hermitcraft. Making a town, Making shopping districts, trading with fellow crafters, playing pranks and games should be the highlights of the server.


    We should stick together and work as a family towards this goal, however that wont be as simple as just joining in. There will have to be rules and requirements for you to be qualified to join so that we could limit some chaos and problems in the future.


    So what are the rules?


    Certain rules are pretty common sense = No stealing, griefing or just being a jerk. But there are further rules to make sure we ensure a more healthy and fun game.


    0.) No Cheating, there will be mods in place to prevent such cheats so don't even bother.


    1.) 17 years old and above so that we could keep things mature.


    2.) We prefer if you are/planning to be a content creator and would be making minecraft content, but as long as you are active you are welcome to join


    3.) Don't be rude or cause any problems for any of the other memebrs? In an event should any issues arise, problems should be directed at me or one of the mods.


    4.) have fun!


    We accept people anywhere in the world as long as you fit the requirements so dont be afraid to inquire. But keep in mind the server will be situated mostly in Europe and is available to migrate should the majority is situated somewhere else.


    "I'm still here and have read everything! I'm very interested so what should I do now?"


    If you are interested then add me on discord: Casms#1234

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