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    The title says it all, I've starting an old school faction style

    server with a group of friends to recreate the classic non op minecraft

    A little background information. Recently I've been trying to find a
    semi vanilla server with factions for pvp ect. however every server is
    some mega conglomerate with thousands of players and many sub servers
    that are modded beyond belief (op pvp god armor and more). Past that the
    servers that seem worth a damn all offer "optional pvp"? That's just
    neutering the game and its not what we aim to do here.

    What are we aiming to do here?

    • Create a server with player owned settlements that can be claimed
      via pluggins (Factions or towny to be determined) Which players can
      avoid being raided so long as they have enough power to hold their
      settlement claims.
    • Free range PvP there will be safe zones such
      as spawn however the wilderness is free game pvp is only optional if
      both parties don't wish to fight, but there will not be a penalty for
      killing someone who didn't want to be killed. Rules of spawn camping and
      other forms of griefing or abusing spawns ect. are to be determined
    • The only pluggins we aim to use are ones from classic
      minecraft servers such as MCMMO and a few other quality of life ones
      such as /home and /tp we will never add op mods or other non faithful
      mods that we deem unfit. (We will accept all recommendations of course
      from the community)
    • No ridiculous pay to win This option is
      still being internally thought of as we will never give players the
      ability to fly if they donate or give them super weapons or armor. This
      being said however servers cost money and while we grow we cannot
      justify paying a super high premium out of pocket. Outside of exp
      bottles of raw materials diamonds ect. may be an option we go however
      these items will be available to all players via shops at spawn like the
    • An
      economy system with simple dollars, make a farm and sell your items at
      the spawn shop and go buy yourself some new gear or a spawner for exp
      grinding the shops will be consulted with the community as to prevent
      abuse or ease of high value materials.
    • Netherite will only be
      obtainable by going to the nether for it no pay to win no buying in the
      store it's meant to be there for the best of the best.

    Now what we need are helping hands to build a spawn region with us
    competent builders and those who plan to play on the server. Those
    assisting will be compensated via in game rewards for those who wish to
    stick around and play, please contact me via this thread or on discord
    @TheKittenSlay3r#8165 discord.gg/JwPxSts

    We thank you for all interested and any feedback or questions I will be around to answer all of them, thank you!
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