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    Minecraft sounds have "events" that make them play, known as "Sound Events." Cave noises are an example of this, as they all play under the same circumstances, but are different sounds, so RNG decides which one plays. Each one has a "weight" value, which decides how likely it is to be picked. Music works the same way. Resource packs allow you to add new sounds to these Sound Events, or replace pre-existing sounds. I am hoping that I may be able to create a custom sound event in my resource pack, in order to make a new track play in, say, an End City, or the Wither boss fight. I am mainly hoping that it is not necessary to make a mod/data pack, since I am no expert in code.


    TLDR; Is it possible to code custom sound events to make unique music play in Wither fight and End Cities or something like that, without making a mod/datapack?

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