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    It is released for Beta! https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/pyramid-reborn

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    I gave myself a project a few days ago. I found myself really wanting to play the old FTB Pyramid Map from 1.2.5 so I updated it to 1.12.2 and now it is super SMP friendly so everyone can have their own beast if they want. Starting survival testing today, had a blast making it again. I will post updates here as that progresses as well as the release when that happens. =)


    This differs greatly from the project the FTB team released called "FTB Pyramid Reborn 3.0" My project can be looked as more of a port, I am striving to bring the original map back in to the light here in shiny land of 1.12, where microblocks among many other things do not tank FPS along with many QOL additions/changes to mods like ProjectE as one example. =)


    The survival testing has began, and so have fixes and some recipes changes. =) I shall post more details soon.

    Updated some Challenge rewards to include vanilla items between now and 1.2.5 Like prismarine shards. =P



    I will update that imgur album with more photos 

    Also I will be doing a Beta release soon, so if anyone is interested in help test it in multiplayer, just drop a message in here or DM me on Discord. (TheMattaBase#5803)



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