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    Welcome to Plantasia! A modded Minecraft experience with an emphasis on better exploration and immersion by using 160+ mods that enhance Minecraft. Are you bored of vanilla? Join our small, tight-knit community focused on collaboration; and together we will explore new biomes, dungeons, mobs, tools, decoration, and rare items all within Plantasia.🌱

    At this time, Plantasia will be whitelist only. We are also requesting players be 18+ (preferably 21+)

    *The server runs 1.20.1 with our curated curseforge modpack, you will need a decent PC to play

    Plantasia Photo Album

    Please reply with the following and we'll message you back on Discord. Or you can join our community Discord here

    • IGN
    • Discord
    • Age
    • Time zone
    • Years you've been playing MC
    • What aspect do you like most about MC?
    • Do you have a microphone?

    You can also fill out our Google form here

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