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    Welcome to Iron Haven Prison

    Discord: https://discord.gg/X8awZpwzSC

    Server Ip: IronHavenPrison.modded.fun

    this is not your average prison server it may have the same mining system as most prisons,

    but it has tons of custom recipes inspired from hypixel skyblock!

    just like most prisons it features mines from A-Z, has 10 presiges currently with more to come later!

    It has farming features like hypixel skyblock, fishing that will work like hypixel's fishing system.

    pve with epic mobs with tons of dungeons to farm to gain levels and its own prestige system all the way to level 200!

    pvp will be a thing once the server gets bigger![

    im also looking for staff that can help me run the server like builders or coders if interested dm me on discord

    this is a project i have tons of ideas for but need tons of help to make them become reality!

    i hope you guys have a great day thanks for reading!


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