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    This server is going to be similar to the Hermitcraft in which we will use the same seed as the Hermits use as well as Xisuma's data packs. We will also be including the shopping district that the hermits utilize, including the Diamond currency, whether or not we decide to include the purchase of land is required can be decided by the members that join the server.

    Serverwide Projects:

    A netherhub that will link each players bases to one another, will not be built until after 1.16 is released due to a potential reset of the nether. If the decided by the members of the server.
    A shopping district similar to the one seen in HermitCraft.
    And finally different games and competitions that will be held throughout the duration of the server.
    Application Form: (post in comments, or send pm)

    What do you enjoy doing most in mc? (exploring, fighting, building):
    What is your building style?:

    No griefing
    No Stealing
    Leaving a respectable distance between each players bases to facilitate the building of large bases.


    Discord Tag (Conagra#1689)

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