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    Hey guys, I'm having an issue with my world as described in the title of the thread.

    Can open the game properly and join other worlds, but upon joining this specific one, it just crashes at the blank dirt screen.
    I've looked up similar issues, but the solutions usually seem to be different each time, and basic things haven't worked for me, so I figured it was an issue that requires someone who can actually comprehend log files.


    This is a specific issue with the Save folder for my world, as I can create new worlds and load them just fine, so a reinstall of the pack didn't help.


    The only thing I've specifically tried is deleting the 2 JSON files located in the save folder, those being the ones in the "advancements" and "stats" folders, because multiple searches online for this issue point towards these types of files as the culprits if they get corrupted. I deleted both, but there was no change.

    So the other main solution I see is a block corruption done via a specific mod issue, but I did not want to go around deleting other things because I don't know how to read logs and I feel like it'd be an eternity of trial and error.


    Crash Report: https://pastebin.com/eYe4irR2

    Log: https://pastebin.com/HvbXwkwX


    Thanks in advance


    EDIT: One thing I do remember is that on the last day I was able to play, I was going in and out of gamemodes to take screenshots, and at some point, the Trash Slot in my survival mode inventory disappeared and never came back before I logged off. Don't know if that helps/


    EDIT2: I've loaded a backup from an hour before the crash that worked fine  and still had the TrashSlot, so I figure that was related to the issue. No clue how I got rid of it. If someone has a fix, I kept the corrupted file to try it out. Otherwise, this thread can be locked.

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