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    Hi !
    Im new at making Modpacks for minecraft, also i had never used this forum before but i really cant seem to find a solution to my problem.
    I am creating a minecraft 1.12.2 heavy modpack (129 mods) it didnt had any problems, i changed some of the mods configs and everything worked fine, but the last time i added some final mods the game just didnt generate a world, it gets stuck on loading world for eternity, so the only way out is to manually kill the Java tasks on the Task Manager.

    After that it just obviusly display a crash, after looking for myself i did multiple things like allocate 7G of RAM to the modpack profile on twitch, get rid of some unnecesary mods, change the config in some heavy world generation mods, disable some heavy features, etcc.
    But nothing so far helps, i cant get the modpack to generate a simple survival world (Im using Biomes o Plenty and Recurrent Complex as the most heavy generation mods).
    So is there anyone who knows how to solve this kind of issues ??? Or have any ideas ??? (Ive heard of pre generating worlds, but the only way i found was to use Pre-Generation Chunks mod, and that mod is uncompatible with some of the mods i want!)

    Heres some of the mods that im currently using to create my modpack: (Just the ones i know are heavy out of the 129):

    Biomes O Plenty
    Recurrent Complex

    Rougelike Dungeons
    Tinkers Construct (Multiple Add Ons to make this mod compatible with most mods)
    MO Creatures
    Better Animal Models
    Better Animal Plus
    Grimmorie Of Gaia 3
    Immersive Engeenering (Add Ons)
    Thaumcarft (Add ons)

    Dynamic Trees (All the add ons)
    Aether Legacy (Add ons)
    Twilight Forest (Add Ons)
    The Betweenlands (Add ons)
    The Beneath
    AbyssalCraft (Add ons)
    The Erebus 
    Metallurgy 4 : Reforged
    Constructs Armory (Add ons)

    Electrobobs Wizardry (Add ons)
    Extra Alchemy (Add on)
    Atum 2 (Add on)
    Chisel (Add ons)
    Undeground Biomes
    Ice And Fire (Add Ons)

    Mowzies Mobs
    Rustic (Add ons)
    YUNGS Better Caves


    Better Diving


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