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    Okay, kind of an abstract title but it's very hard to describe. What happens is that at random unspecified moments, my modded game would decide to stop updating everything. Entities stop moving, breaking blocks doesn't yield drops, only the player inventory can be opened (as all others require interfacing with the server, which presumably froze in the process), and the world cannot be saved ("saving world" doesn't happen when I press esc, and the quitting to title screen will literally never end, locking me in a position where I have to kill the game with task manager). I myself can freely move around in the meantime, but as may be expected it's not exactly engaging to be unable to collect resources or poke my machines/pets. I've had a similar problem before, but that one actually goes away: if I wait for long enough, it will unfreeze, the server will throw out a "can't keep up!", and I'll usually die from some event that happened in the meantime. This time around, though, it never recovers, and my computer just overheats from the piled up tasks while I wait for it to respond. In fact, this sometimes happens before I even enter the world: it'll just continue loading terrain forever, but my CPU isn't under any load so it can't possibly be loading terrain. I just want to know why it happens and how I can stop it, because this pack takes a toll on my computer while starting up but is buttery smooth while playing, and repeated startups will just trash my already very potato laptop.

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