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    Greetings, I am Pain. 

    I have a small Vanilla SMP server going on and it's inspired by the hermitcraft and mindcrack series. We're a small community and we currently have no proper name but I aim to change that soon. We're looking for new members who want to play a Vanilla smp with good people and have some fun and good laughs.


    We have 8 slots available, reason for that is that I'm paying for the server myself and we don't have enough active members and alot of us have different timezones aswell, but I am willing to change that and increase slots when we have more people. We do also have some small rules, which are no griefing/destroying each other's builds and no pvp unless both parties agree on it. 


    If you're interested please contact me on discord and hope to see some of you soon! Thank you for your time and have a good day/evening! :D


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