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    Me and my girlfriend have been playing minecraft with mods through LAN for some time and we never had any problems, I updated the mods through the time and it never had a problem, until today... I updated some of the mods and the game didn't crash and everything was working fine, but when I opened the world through LAN, after giving my girlfriend the updated mods, and my girlfriend tried to log in, this message appeared:


    Failed to Synchronize Registry Data from Server, closing connection.


    I looked everywhere on the internet, but everyone said the problem was with the mods, so I tried to look which mod was the problem. I even tried to see if she could join the world even without mods, but she couldn't. I tried everything with the mods, but the problem was not with them. Later I found out that the problem was the world. I then googled one more time on the internet, but I just found someone saying that the problem was that the config didn't match right. Changing or even eliminating the config file did not work. I even created a test world to see if she could connect to that world and it was ok, she loged in and there was no problem.


    I don't know what else could be the problem, I just didn't want to lose the world, we already have so much done in it that it would be a shame to start again. Can someone please help?



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