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    I contacted Overwolf support about this issue and this is the reply I received:


    Thank you very much for contacting us, I will do my best to assist you with CurseForge :)
    We are aware of this issue and are glad to report that we are working on a solution for it which will be released in our upcoming version, so stay tuned :)
    You can't import profiles that you created on the Twitch client atm, but you will be able in the next versions of the app
    Hope to release it soon as possible. 
    Or Manor
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    Yes, this very thing is happening to me as well. I try to install Storage Drawers for example with 1.12.2 selected and it installs 1.16. Manually installing the version needed also doesn't work as it says installed but nothing happens. Very annoying as it worked fine in Twitch. Would have been nice if they waited til CurseForge was working right to discontinue the mods tab in Twitch. Also custom profiles created in Twitch don't seem to show the mods list in CurseForge, rather just "No hosted mods installed".

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