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     Do you use a mod or datapack? If there aren't too many mods, remove them one by one or every five until the problem is solved and you can better identify the mod causing the problem. If you have datapacks, do the same.

     Always remember that some "tags" folders will contain a "logs" folder that is probably causing this error. What may be happening in your case is a mod that is adding a "data" folder with "minecraft" (a data package) and modifying the "logs" tag inside that folder and possibly has some name with a small error inside it (usually it's a ",", but it could be some letter etc.). I honestly don't remember how I solved my error, but it must have been this way, just as I wrote it down.

     I don't know if I can help you more than that, I don't really remember what I did, my past self up there knew something I missed along the way

     A tip: If the problem started recently, start with the mods or the mod/datapack you added recently

     Note: If this is happening without a mod or datapack it's possibly a forge error, reinstall the game.

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    * Perhaps the person who created the post should ignore it because they've already solved the problem.


     Now, if you're here and the problem still hasn't been solved, perhaps it's related to the "tags". If you run any of your mods with Winrar, go to the "data" folder and then to the "minecraft" folder, you'll find the "tags" folder. You can find lots of things in this folder, but focus on the "blocks" folder and then the "mineable" folder, as this could be where the problem lies.


    - But now, how do I identify which mod is causing the problem in relation to that folder?


     Next, you'll run Minecraft and enter the world, then pause or simply exit the world and access .minecraft, then access the "logs" folder and open the "latest" file. In that "latest" text file, press CTRL+F and type "mineable/<problem tool name> (axe, hoe, pickaxe etc.)". After doing this, you will usually find an ERROR with the phrase: "Couldn't load tag" and, if "mineable/<your tool>" is followed by this phrase, you will have found where the error is located and the name of the mod that is causing it is usually a few lines above this error.


    When you locate the error, you have a few options:


    - Delete the mod
    - Delete the "tags" folder from within the mod
    - Locate the block that is causing the error (which is usually located next to the mod's name) and go into the "mineable" file and delete the line of text that contains its name.


    I hope I've helped you solve your problem :)

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