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    🌟 Calling all Minecraft plugin devs! 🌟


    Join our team to create epic plugins and mods like those in our portfolio. 



    We work with top YouTubers, offering exciting opportunities and immediate collaboration. Plus, we pay up to $100-$120 per project. 



    ✨ If you have any minecraft mods and plugins like these, we are interested in buying at good price! ( We will resell them 3-4 times in different regions and pay you everytime we resell )



    If you can create plugins like xNestorio and Bionic, we want to hear from you! Ready to level up your game? Message us now! 🚀


    Discord server - https://discord.gg/yKTJujbJ

    Discord I'd - thunderzlucky 

    E-mail - techthunderz443@gmail.com

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