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    posted a message on Sky Factory 4 Suddenly crashes on loading of world.

    Also getting this. (I found OPs post on Google search, not sure if this is right place for discussion, but here we go.)


    Just a hunch, but perhaps the issue seems to come from the first and only 3rd-party mod in the stacktrace:


     at com.blamejared.worldbook.client.gui.GuiWorldBook.func_73864_a(GuiWorldBook.java:99)


    ...which seems to refer to this code: https://github.com/jaredlll08/WorldBook/blob/master/src/main/java/com/blamejared/worldbook/client/gui/GuiWorldBook.java


    Possible workaround: I've had some success by

    1. Open up a fresh new world. (Create one if you haven't, but on subsequent runs, you can just open up this one again.) I believe it helps that we're opening up a relatively simple world, so don't actually build anything here. Just get the world going.
    2. Save and quit to main menu.
    3. Open up the actual world that was crashing before.

    But it doesn't always work.


    Also, it's quite strange that I've been playing this version for weeks (many different worlds, however) and just started getting this crash in the past few days. Maybe I cheated something in that's messing things up? Because this version of SkyFactory 4 was released 2019-09-15.


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