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    Minecraft Builder - Crafting for charity in a Server filled with years of lore




    Join our team as a Minecraft Builder and embark on a unique opportunity to make a positive impact in the gaming community. As part of our charity Minecraft server, you'll contribute to creating builds which expand on the many events in regards to the servers lore. We also see that you can come up with ideas and help create new and existing builds throughout the world as we try to expand with more PVE builds to improve the servers inclusion and replayability.


    We are looking for a team player with the ability to work collaboratively with a diverse team, exchanging ideas to create the most memorable builds. 


    If you might have any questions please write a comment below or reach out to us on discord. 


    If you would like to apply please fill out the below application form and we will reach out to you.


    Quick Server intro

    Timeless is a semi-vanilla server that has regular ‘lore events’. These events are essentially adventure maps that the players use their own gear to explore in order to find better resources, because builders are a must among our staff.

    We also hope to create custom terrain throughout the world, with hidden dungeons adding to the lore of the server. 


    The server is divided into two worlds, the main world for players and the ‘Build world’ which allows staff creative mode. 


    What are we looking for?


    • Builders that can delivery under a short brief
    • Redstone ability (Not imperative but helpful)
    • Ability to free think and design on their own 



    Age: 15+ (A certain level of maturity) 

    Location: Anywhere (Europe would be best, but any country will do) 

    Building experience: Any, a willingness to learn is all I ask for 


    How to Apply


    Write a comment below and we will get back to you!

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