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    posted a message on Need help to make a mod that stops villagers from panicking in raid farm

    Hello, im the co owner of a community called VillagerRights, we made up a declaration of rights for villagers and follow those closely. (Its all roleplay and just for fun)

    I want to add a mod to our (fabric) server that stops villagers from panicking during a raid, but only if its in a raid farm.

    Small explanation of raid mechanic:
    The game checks if there is space to spawn a raid about 140 blocks away from the village center.
    if that fails it does the same at about 60 blocks away.
    and if that fails it will spawn the raid on the highest point right above the village center. (Village center is the first bed claimed in a village)

    Now i want  the villagers to not panic and run around but only when the raid spawns above the village center.
    I heard this should be really easy to do but i have no experience in modding so idk where to start.

    Thanks in advance! 

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    posted a message on are mods allowed in multiplayer if it does not effect gameplay

    that depends on the server.
    but if your talking about cheats/hacks or something most servers wont allow it


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