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    Hello, my name is Intecognita but you can call me Int, I'm 16 years old! This year (specifically in May) I discovered QSMP after an announcement that streamers and youtubers from Brazil (where I'm from, I'm Brazilian) would participate in the series. I was curious about how the project worked, after watching it, I felt inspired to create my own server as a fan project, but little did I know how complicated managing it would be, we in the administration ended up having a lot of ideas for a few people, and little by little, people became too busy to help or went off to do their own thing, which is completely understandable. Me and a dear friend from the administration called Chezyer created the lore of the server and it is in progress, and in addition, we have more than 5 events planned (even some that unfortunately had to be discarded), In-lore and off-lore! But as long as we are few, we will not be able to develop everything in a comfortable way, resulting in discouragement and pressure. And it's unfair for just one person to have to do everything at once, regardless of whether it's me or someone else, it's inhumane.

    Not knowing where to look for help, I found this forum and thought it would be useful to comment here in case anyone is interested, the name of the project is JSMP, the story takes place in the same universe as QSMP but 20 years ago, in 2002. The version of the server is 1.20, and both Java and Bedrock players can play or manage the server. The server does not contain mods and is plugin-based (but the server contains more than 80+ plugins, all adding similar mechanics to QSMP mods), People of different languages are obviously accepted and welcome. For more information, reply to this thread and send me your Discord, I'll send you a request so we can talk there, thank you!

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