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    Hey, I began a project for an MMORPG two months ago. It is inspired by Chinese mythology, specifically the Xianxia genre. Unfortunately, my co-owner and I have had some unforeseen personal commitments that have prevented us from working on the project for the last few weeks.

    Despite this setback, I am still very passionate about the project and would like to see it continue. However, I am not experienced enough to manage the server on my own. My co-owner used to handle all the technical aspects, while I focused on the concept, lore, and building since those are my strengths. As my co-owner is no longer able to participate in the project, I am seeking someone with experience in server management to take over the role of owner. Meanwhile, I can contribute by assisting with the building and lore aspects of the project.

    It is important to note that the project is still in its early stages, and we do not have a server since my co-owner used to host it. Nevertheless, we have a clear vision and many content ideas for the project.

    If you are interested in taking over the role of owner and bringing this project back to life please join our discord and DM me for further discussion (Tonkah#4721)


    Here is my building portfolio for reference ( https://imgur.com/a/tF3dhx3 )

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