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    posted a message on 1.14 Mature server - Slumcraft, a hermitcraft style server [Whitelisted]

    Slumcraft is looking for new players!

    The server is a whitelisted, vanilla, 1.14 SMP, inspired by Hermitcraft.

    The server has been open for a couple months now, and there's a decent player base already. The shopping area is starting to take shape, and we will soon be working on a Nether hub.

    Don't be afraid to join, we can help you out or let you start from scratch, it's up to you!

    To apply, join the Discord:

    Hope to see you soon, TQ

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    posted a message on Minecraft Builder's Network - Looking for any experienced builders

    Hello fellow builders!

    We are putting together a new top tier Minecraft Building Community, and I'd love for you to join the team. The goal of this team is to gather a community of amazing builders and have our work displayed all throughout social media for others to find and hire us, or to just simply enjoy our content.

    We have a build server where you can contribute to massive, awesome projects along with other fellow builders.

    The hope is to eventually have our builds featured on separate videos on 1 YouTube channel, and for 1 Twitch / Mixer channel to host our streams. It will be the #1 destination for people to find / enjoy Minecraft Builds.

    Each video that features your build(s) will have all of your info posted in the description for others to find your personal channels, or to message you for hire.  This community channel will help support you and your goals.

    This is not a build team, it's a place for you to share your skills or even your services with the rest of the Minecraft community.

    If this interests you, I promise you will not regret it. Send me a message on Discord with some screenshots of builds so I can check if you have the right profile, and I'll add you to the Discord server!
    Right now it is very small since this is the very beginning. Give it time and we will grow tremendously.


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    posted a message on Looking for builders for a modded world

    I am currently working on a magic based 1.7.10 modded world, but I'm struggling to get everything done by myself. So I'm here to recruit some builders.
    I've already got quite a bit done, but to the scale of the world it's nothing.

    It's mostly for fun, so it would be in a relaxed environment; but if it advances enough, I might open the server (maybe).

    The world is predominantly medieval fantasy, but any building style is accepted as long as you are a little flexible!

    PM me or add me on Discord TQ1000#5967 :D

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