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    My name is RealWand, and I am the current owner of a small, operational server called PlayTragic. We have recently released our server and website, and are going to celebrate with a giveaway! --  TWO TOP RANKS  --   If you would like to take part, and enter a chance to win, please message me on Discord (RealWand#9576) and we can get you sorted! :)


    As a new server, we are looking for staff. We do have requirements:

    - Must be at least 13 years of age

    - Must have experience with moderation

    - Must have a working microphone that you can use

    - Must be able to be online for at least 2 hours

    - You cannot have been banned from the server or discord previously

    - You must be helpful to all players that require it


    If you feel you have got what it takes, message me on Discord (RealWand#9576).



    Have a good day,

    - Wand

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    My name is Wand, and I am currently owner of a small BETA server called PlayTragic. We as a staff team, are looking for dedicated, kind, strong, observational, helpful and willing staff members to come and help out.

    Here are the positions available at this time:
    - Manager

    - Lead-Developer

    - Developer

    - Admin

    - Senior Moderator

    - Moderator

    - Graphics Designer (Rank Icons, Logos etc)

    - Builder

    - Trainee


    If you feel you have what it takes, and are cut out for the job, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/HFw45We
    At this time,  we are specifically interested in Moderation Positions and Graphics Designers. 

    Good luck to all applicants,

    Have a good day,


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