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    Hello everyone!


    My name is Will, and I am the current owner of PlayTragic, a KitPVP server soon to be including Survival too. We are fairly new, but over the past two/three months, we have managed to launch the server! At this moment in time, we have no players, which is why we are looking for Beta Players and Staff. Keep on reading for more info!

    Beta Players

    As a new server, we will probably encounter many bugs and issues that need to be dealt with. Because no players are actually on the server, we do not get the info we need to fix those issues.

    Why should you play beta?

    The reason YOU should play Beta on PlayTragic, is because you get rewards after Beta. These will include:
    - BETA Tag in Discord and in-game
    - TOP RANK
    - Exclusive Permissions in-game and discord

    - Better chance of acquiring a staff position due to knowledge of navigation etc.


    Beta requirements
    In order to become a BETA player, you must have or be able to perform the following:
    - Be active

    - Be helpful

    - Report back to staff of any issues

    - Be mature and sensible






    Click here


    Staff Members
    Also as a new server, we are currently looking for staff. We are not looking to be paying anyone at this time. The following positions are available:



    Administrator (READ THE NOTE BELOW)

    Senior Moderator (READ THE NOTE BELOW)






    Senior Moderators and Administrators are able to acquire teams. These teams include the following:

    - Player Reports

    - Bug Reports

    - Punishment Appeals

    - Recruitment (Applications)

    - Support


    Please consider this whilst applying, as being one of the Senior Mods or Admins, you are required to be a part of one of these teams.


    Staff Requirements

    In order to become any of the staff positions above, all of the below MUST apply to you:

    - At least 14 years to ensure maturity

    - Must be helpful to ALL players

    - Must have never been banned or punished on our discord or in-game server




    Click here

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    My name is RealWand, and I am the current owner of a small, operational server called PlayTragic. We have recently released our server and website, and are going to celebrate with a giveaway! --  TWO TOP RANKS  --   If you would like to take part, and enter a chance to win, please message me on Discord (RealWand#9576) and we can get you sorted! :)


    As a new server, we are looking for staff. We do have requirements:

    - Must be at least 13 years of age

    - Must have experience with moderation

    - Must have a working microphone that you can use

    - Must be able to be online for at least 2 hours

    - You cannot have been banned from the server or discord previously

    - You must be helpful to all players that require it


    If you feel you have got what it takes, message me on Discord (RealWand#9576).



    Have a good day,

    - Wand

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    My name is Wand, and I am currently owner of a small BETA server called PlayTragic. We as a staff team, are looking for dedicated, kind, strong, observational, helpful and willing staff members to come and help out.

    Here are the positions available at this time:
    - Manager

    - Lead-Developer

    - Developer

    - Admin

    - Senior Moderator

    - Moderator

    - Graphics Designer (Rank Icons, Logos etc)

    - Builder

    - Trainee


    If you feel you have what it takes, and are cut out for the job, join our discord here: https://discord.gg/HFw45We
    At this time,  we are specifically interested in Moderation Positions and Graphics Designers. 

    Good luck to all applicants,

    Have a good day,


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