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    We are playing Project Ozone 2 reloaded Kappa mode


    is the battle suit worsed then the flux armor that is before it? or am i missing somthing,


    if i have the full set of the flux armor i take 0 damage from the mobs we are encountering atm, and my own made crossbow cant even hurt me.

    we just came to the step in "upgrading" to battlesuit, so i spent some hours making eveyrthing in that part of the quest book to get the battlesuit + the upgrades for ever piece.


    everything is charged up to full that i can see, stops at 100.000.

    have a RF Entagler next to a battery with alot of energy it gets rf to full so ready to go. have a Quibit cell in my invertory Shift rightclicked (activated)

    But i can kill myself with 2 arrows straight up in the air with my crossbow, the same one that wont even give me a scratch with the armor before (Flux infused)


    Am i missing somthing or is it not worth the upgrade until you can build the Wyvern armor???


    What i can see when i take the first arrow is that the armor ir charging full straight away but i still take shit tons of damage.?


    thanks in advance


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