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    I am Trent and I run a Minecraft Factions server. It's a brand new server, and has the latest and greatest setup, along with some unique and intriguing features. We're looking to grow the server more and just need people to take the time to check it out, because we're confident that players will stay.

    Be sure to join on the 1.12.1 version of Minecraft!

    Here are some features we have

    • Factions
    • Bounties
    • McMMO
    • 1.8 Combat
    • Working AntiCheat
    • Dedicated Development, Build and Staff team
    • Leveling system to keep things interesting
    • Crates
    • Envoys
    • Balanced Economy
    • Level based shop system
    • Jobs
    • Auctions
    • Elevators
    • No Lag
    • Custom Mob Drops
    • And so much more....

    If you're interested in becoming an active member of the community, or at least interested in checking the server out please join!

    You can checkout our website here
    You can checkout the server using the ip: play.tripexmc.com

    I'm not entirely sure this is what this forum is intended for, and if it's not, please let me know. However, I do believe you can request people to join your community, or at least check it out!

    On a side note, we're also looking for YouTubers, Streamers and more publicity in general! If you're interested, we can provide compensation and you should DM me!



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