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    posted a message on RegistryEvent.Register doenst work?

    So I'm somewhat new to forge mod developing. I have watched some guides on how to create Items, everything works but the RegistryEvent.Register doesn't work. This is the error Code I get from the RegistryEvent.Register: RegistryEvent.Register cannot be resolved to a type.

    I am using the forge 1.14 mdk 


    Dont know what that means, would be nice if someone could explain that to me.


    	public static class RegistryEvent{
    		public static void registerItems(final RegistryEvent.Register<Item> event){
    			ItemList.TestItem = new Item(new Item.Properties().group(ItemGroup.TOOLS).addToolType(ToolType.PICKAXE, 15)).setRegistryName(new ResourceLocation(modid, "Pickaxe"));
    			Logger.info("Items loaded");
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