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    As the thread says on the tin, this is a request for help regarding progress on my resource pack called "MavericKraft"! As I've been building it over the years and learning more and more on how to tackle things more effectively, I've developed issues with not being able to find enough information regarding issues or questions regarding improvements.

    I'm making this thread to catalogue all the questions/advice/help I'd love to get while moving forward, so I may eventually manage to release a pack that roughly looks like what I had in mind as a finished project.

    Current list of issues or questions I currently have are:

    • MavericKraft is a resource pack based on the Mega Man X franchise, which consists of super fighting robots in armour, but the current layering system of drawing armour doesn't reflect how armour layers in the X series, which is roughly a leotard (IE A full skin tight layer) layered with plates of armour on top. From what I found online I can see that the layering system is borrowed by the way skins are drawn, but sleeves seem to not be possible, is there a data pack or mod that can give me this functionality? I've been forced to forgo the base layer until the problem is resolved, but it really clashes with player skins for the most part doing it this way, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
    • I want to make a digital readout in increments of 30 minutes instead of the sundial, but I read up that an exorbitant number of JSON files would be necessary to accomplish this and I know next to nothing about the coding language, so I'm somewhat a fish out of water trying to implement this on my own.
    • I want to adjust the models or skins of some mobs to allow them to reflect what the pack will be doing with them; Such as villagers/illagers/etc. using a player model instead of the crossed arms, squidward look, Skeletons (whither and regular) also having a player model, but with the same scale they were given, adjusting the texture of the Wither boss so that the heads on either side of the center one are arms.
    • I'd like to change the model of a few things like the trident. (This is currently the only thing I can think of of this type I want to change)
    • I'd like to remake the panoramas and screens for modes if possible; I've seen all sorts of information about this over the years, and they were quite complicated and confusing, so either a dumbed-down way to do it or maybe a new simpler way would be great.

    The list will be updated as I get newer and more relevant questions as the game develops more and more content. At this moment in time, the pack is updated to version 1.16.5.

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