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    posted a message on CurseForge app problem: Excessive hard-disk writing

    Some days ago I reported a problem about CurseForge app.
    The ticket was titled:
    Excessive hard-disk writings while CurseForge app is starting


    You can read all the details about this ticket under this URL:


    In short words the issue is:
    Having installed some Minecraft modpacks on CurseForge app, when the CF app is starting there occurs intensive writing to SSD for no real reason, like 30-40 MB/s for a period of 25 seconds. Generally the more modpacks is installed the longer the writing lasts, including of course the special case: no writing when no modpacks installed ;)
    The writing issue can be observed on the Windows' Task Manager: Performance tab -> Disk activity chart.


    Generally, the support team said they were unable to reproduce it (which is odd for me, tbh).
    They also verified this issue on my computer while a remote session and the ticket has been resolved (just resolved), but the conclusion was unclear: this was supposed to be a normal CF app behavior, and the observed high speed writing was just because of... high-speed SSD ;)

    Honestly, I would prefer not to see such a behavior, because it looks like a real excessive hard-disk writing, and which is unnecessary and it "threatens" it can shorten SSD lifespan (faster wear out of SSD).


    I wonder if anyone of you, who uses CurseForge app, could observe this issue on your computer, because I can see it all the time, and not only on my computer, but also on my friend's machine. I observed it using different Windows' user accounts, including a fresh CF installation.


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    posted a message on Server listing automatically marked as spam the second I attempt to post it.

    So, you faced the same problem as me... ;)

    My thread was also marked as a spam automatically.
    I suppose because of an URL that I included there.

    Unfortunately, this forum does not seem to have an administrator or moderator,

    as a guy on the Discord support said it to me ... :(



    I managed it by writing the post again little by little,

    and at last the forum accepted all the text ;)

    strange, but it worked :D


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