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     If I were in creative, i wouldve been able to grab water from the drum.
    For the crusher, I also tried piping finished products directly into the chest so I dont have to open the GUI, but as soon as it finished piping all the items. It crashed. 
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    Everytime the crusher finished crushing things, and I opened the crusher GUI, it crashed, not sure why :(


    also the stone drum seems to be broken. I put water in with a water bucket and it doesn't take the water from my bucket but the drum is filled. Then when I went to grab some water from the drum, it doesn't fill my bucket with water even though the drum is drained. I'm not sure if this happens to iron and other drums as well because I hadn't use any of other drums.

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    Hey, Bartz24. I want to say that I really enjoy this mod, cool idea with the life infuser and stuff. I played the sand island route, so I got acacia sapling instead of oak. I got bored with the acacia stuff, so I tried to make an oak sapling.


    I made 10 apples, putting it on the off-hand, holding my infusion stone and right clicking an acacia sapling. Instead of turning into an oak sapling, it detects the infusion stone as a bone meal. I'm not sure if this intended to work like that so you can only get an oak sapling via life infuser. If yes, then I have to travel to end dimesion first and made a bunch of dark matters before I can finally make an oak sapling. The same goes for the nether wart I guess, which requires x10.0 health points, so I need at least 50 health injected into the Health Gem.


    Oh another thing I like to say is the dark matter warper, which only transform skeletons, spiders and squids. Are you planning to add transformation for zombies, creepers, witches and endermen ? Mob farm is where this stuff should definitely go, so I'd love to see more use for the dark matter warper since I grind so much to get that :P

    I know that you can create a mob farm in the nether as well to get pigman, magma cube and ghast spawn, but if it can be put into one place, why not ? let me know what you think about that. :)

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    Thank you for the beautiful mod :)
    I don't want to use another heavy mod just to add dust for tweaking purposes :)

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    I think you should've at least search in the google something like "Tech Expansion minecraft mod curseforge". That way you will know if anyone is already using the name. Also, even if his mod only adds resources, it's still a mod and someone will use it anyhow. From your comment, I feel like you are telling him that his mod only adds resources and doesn't deserve the name that he is using.

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