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    We welcome you to DigitalCraft!
    A casual semi-vanilla SMP where you can build awesome mega-bases, become a successful businessman, or become a drug-lord (we won't judge). We hold fun events and group gatherings every week where you can socialize and have fun with other players from our community. We also have beautiful mini-game arenas where you can show off your skills and prove yourself as the supreme champion of the arena.
    We offer many data packs and plugins to enhance the vanilla experience of Minecraft, such as veinminer, timber, one player sleep, and many more quality of life improvements. To join the server go ahead and join our discord at: https://discord.gg/pJfVK62XJ7
    and then you will get a dm which will give you the link to the google form which you will have to submit so that we can whitelist you
    Make friends or play alone in our vanilla+ SMP! (16+ Only Please!)<time datetime="2021-08-03T21:41:51.296Z" aria-label="Today at 11:41 PM"></time>
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