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    Hi All,


    Is anyone else having issues with the 3.4.1 version where even after completing the entire page of quests the next part (on staged mode) doesn't unlock... I've kinda been playing it off by just going into edit mode and unlocking the next stage for me and a few others who play on my server but this is getting boring real fast having to do it for every stage their is...


    I am currently at "A basic factory: which says I need to complete Diamond spikes and Automated breaking (I have not only done that but completed EVERY page up until this point) but nothing is unlocking... when I go into edit mode, there's lots of hidden quests that just don't seem to unlock I'm guessing those are the unlock "keys" for the next stages... if anyone can help i'd really appreciate it otherwise ima just close the server and scrap the pack which would be a shame as I'm really enjoying it!

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