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    Hi, this is my first time using the forums so hopefully it'll go okay. I'll try and clarify the title for you.


    I would ideally like to run a singular world/realm/server that has multiple instances of the Overworld, but with different mods enabled on each so that they each have a different theme. For example I'd like to have a Thaumcraft/blood magic/vampire type dimension, and it be separate from the one with all my dragons and mythical creatures and wizards, without any spawning crossover between them. So I'd like to be able to separate themes and prevent having a singular overwhelming Overworld, but still take my wizard spells and dragon mount with me when I go and get nuked by those crimson portal guys in Thaumcraft (so not completely disabling a mod's functionality on other Overworlds, only the spawning). That and I only have to farm everything helpful once. 


    Does anyone have any idea whether this is possible, and if so how? I'm a complete noob when it comes to setting mods up - I just tend to install them via Twitch and hope it all works, I don't mess with the configs unless it's a really simple setting to change. I've found Just Enough Dimensions, but I have difficulty understanding the basics of what JED has laid out on that mod page. 


    On that note, can you set up a world with multiple biome mods, and/or set them up in these separate overworlds?

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