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     I want to know the same :/

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    Since yesterday I'm trying to download a modpack by the "Twitch App" which is "Running Red (1.6.4)" is a modpack until a bit old so when I go download I get the error "Can not Find Childhood Addon 70286"
    I read some things on the internet I saw that some people had already reported on this and I found a video in YT that gives a possible solution ok so all right, the issue is that in the video of the modpack he used as a test had a txt file with the list of mods which does not have in my open the manifest.json (I downloaded the modpack by curseforge projects) and I found the mod that is giving error by ID "{" projectID ": 70286," fileID ": 758535}" by what I understood the mod that used the ID "70286" had its id changed (this I understood) I would like to know in some way what mod it was for me to modify the manifest by placing the current project id. Do you guys know any way I can solve this?
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