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    Hello and thank you for the warm welcome to Obsidian Survival! Your server sounds like an exciting and dynamic Minecraft community. The combination of a Survival Minecraft server and a new Factions server with balanced plugins is quite enticing. I'm eager to explore the vast shop and join in on the drop parties to celebrate the playerbase.

    It's great to hear that your staff team is dedicated to ensuring a fun gameplay experience and is open to player requests. The option to either enjoy the chill atmosphere of the SMP server or engage in faction battles for land adds a nice variety to the gameplay.

    I'll definitely consider joining the Discord community to connect with fellow players and staff members. It's refreshing to find a close-knit community, especially during these times of quarantine. Looking forward to diving into the world of Obsidian Survival and having some fun with the new players. See you in the game! yes no wheel

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