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    🌟 Welcome to "No Time" - Meant to be a small community based around minecraft! 🌟


    - Inspired by hermitcraft.


    Are you looking for a small minecraft server to play on with a community of like minded people? Want to make some friends and chat with them in and outside of the game. That is what we are aiming for.


    It is meant to be small and stay small. I find myself struggling to meet people if a community is too big. I don't know what too big is exactly but since we just started we are certainly not.


    The server itself has not been opened yet. The reason being that I want as many people to start at the same time as possible so that nobody is left behind. We will open when we reach a few more people. Initially I planned to open on the 13th of April but it might be this coming weekend.


    What does the server have to offer?

    - Simple voice mod so that you can talk to each other.

    - The crafter block and other blocks that should be coming out in 1.20. Similar as they do in the new Hermitcraft season.

    - The option to create companies with each other. Make farms, build bases or create shops together as a collective. Great way to meet people.

    - The minecraft chat and discord are linked so you are able to chat and see what is going on when not playing. If that is something that interests you.

    - No weird shop thing for permissions or items which I see far too often. Ever!

    - Armor stand datapack and mod like in Hermitcraft.

    - Open seed.


    All in all pretty much just vanilla with some extra features. Both builders and tech are welcome.


    Join now and help us create a fun community to play minecraft and other games with.


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