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    come join us ! \o/

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    Hi, we're currently developing a brand new gaming network - The Odyssey - and are looking for a head builder along with several other builders to fortify the team - build style at this moment ancient greek mythology 

    we plan to launch up to 4 servers within the next few weeks and up that even more in the near future ! 

    we look for people that are in it for the long run and actually want to be a part of the foundation of our network
    your name will be on every build you make and will so be published on our websites and social media to promote your work as a builder.

    if you think this might interest you DO contact me (undercarp666#2434  or my partner (maratdesade) here or on our  discord https://discord.gg/k2GBg8 and let's talk and see how we can help eachother out, we take every aplicant very seriously ! 

    hoping to see you soon ! 

    The Odyssey Network - where it is allways a new dawn ! 

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