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    Regrowth is one of my all-time favorite modpacks and I still adore going back and playing through it to this day.  But after having played with all of the updated versions of the mods that it utilizes, I find myself wishing it existed on a newer version of Minecraft.  So I've taken it upon myself to bring that idea to fruition!


    I've made modpacks in the past before — though primarily for myself and my friends — so I'm no stranger to integrations and tinkering with config files all day.  However, one thing I haven't had much experience with is custom world generation.


    Thus far, I've rigged up Biomes O'Plenty and BiomeTweaker to present me with a neverending wasteland biome reminiscent of the original Regrowth, but I'm running into some difficulty with the trees.  I can see the custom blocks that the original modpack creator devised within Quadrum's config folder, but I can't seem to find where they're being used.  It's clear that the custom trees and slate features are being incorporated into the world generation somehow, though, and I imagine that has to be the job of another mod.  Despite having thumbed back and forth through the entire config list, however, I have no idea what mod that might be.


    If someone could lend me a hand here, I would be very grateful!

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