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    The Pond is a modded pvp server with plenty of content but is also friendly for low end computers. We have holiday spawns, shops, and events. Our server is also lag free!!

    We are a mature community with relaxed rules.
    We have a lot of fun mods and is very optimized for low end computers.


    Come see what you are missing out on!

    Twitch launcher or forge with only 4gb Required
    Mod pack: FTB Revelation



    Botania, Thaumcraft, DraconicEvolution, Twilight Forest, and more!  



    AE2, Ender IO, Extreme Reactors, Gravitation Suite, and more!


    extra flavor

    Pam's Harvest, Biomes O' Plenty, Chisel/Chisels & Bits, Iron Chests/Iron Backpacks, and more!!

    Join discord for more info:


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