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    posted a message on BuzzCraft Network NEED STAFF (Immediately) NEED FAN BASE RELEASE SOON

    🐝Hi I am Ronaldooo47, an Administrator here at 🐝BuzzCraft Network🐝We really need respectful, mature staff members. Who are not staff hunters (We will find out if you have applied to other servers). We need Developers, Admin, Moderators, Helpers, and Builders. We need players to support us, We are accepting early donations to support our server. We would be very appreciative if you are willing to donate (You dont have to). We need help to try and release this server as soon as possible. Come join our discord and get steps to apply to our server :).


    Discord: https://discord.gg/XmeEH2p (Come join :D)

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    posted a message on JairoBuildTeam- Hire experienced builders to make you server spawns, shops, structures, decoration.

    Hello this is the JairoBuildTeam, we are looking to help improve servers and make them have a good structure. Our team consist of four members. We do charge for different builds but it is negotiable. Please do not call us wasting our time. The way this works is. Before we build, you have to pay half the payment. When we are done. You have to pay the other half. Please fill the following information in the google Forum. It is a contract stating that you agree filling out the information, And as well as making half of the payment. If you scam us, there will be consequences. Make your choice carefully.

    Builder Recruitment Application: https://goo.gl/forms/TSUnnz8RbRVkw8ly2]https://goo.gl/forms/TSUnnz8RbRVkw8ly2


    (If you do not believe we are experienced builders, We can show you some builds by making them in your server.)

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