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    The conversion from CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) to percentage can vary depending on the scale used by the educational institution. However, a common method is to use a simple formula. Here's a step-by-step guide:

    ### Step 1: Understand the Grading System

    Different institutions use different grading scales. Make sure you understand the grading scale used by your institution. The most common scale is on a 10-point scale, where grades like A, B, C, etc., are associated with certain grade points.

    ### Step 2: Collect Your CGPA

    You should have your CGPA handy. This is the cumulative average of your grade points over all the semesters.

    ### Step 3: Identify the Conversion Formula

    Typically, the formula to convert CGPA to percentage is:

    \[ \text{Percentage} = (\text{CGPA} - 0.75) \times 10 \]

    This formula is a generalization and might need adjustment based on the specific grading system used by your institution.

    ### Step 4: Plug in Your CGPA

    Substitute your CGPA into the formula:

    \[ \text{Percentage} = (\text{Your CGPA} - 0.75) \times 10 \]

    ### Step 5: Calculate

    Perform the calculation to find your percentage.

    ### Example:

    Let's say your CGPA is 8.2.

    \[ \text{Percentage} = (8.2 - 0.75) \times 10 = 7.45 \times 10 = 74.5\% \]

    So, in this example, a CGPA of 8.2 corresponds to a percentage of 74.5%.

    ### Note:

    - This is a general formula, and it might not be applicable to all grading systems. Some institutions may have their own conversion formulas.

    - Always check with your institution or refer to your academic handbook for the official conversion method.

    - The 0.75 offset in the formula is a commonly used adjustment. It may need to be adjusted based on your institution's specific grading scale.
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