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    Good afternoon, players!


    I play Minecraft with my friends with mods, and there is a need for a mod that can load the map / parts. WorldBorder on Forge does not have the "/ wb fill" command, as in the craftbukkit version. My search led me into the void.. Although six months ago I found this version of WorldBorder for Forge available /wb fill and so on, at the moment all versions have commands to restrict the world. By the way, when I found the same version of the mod as a year ago, it showed commands for restricting the world and didn't load it, so strange.
    So, does anyone have information about which version of WorldBorder is needed to download the world / parts? Or maybe you need some other mod?

    By the way, I translated everything in Google translator), as I do not know English well, so there may be some mistakes
    Thank you to everyone who came here and a special thank you to those who will help in any way.

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