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    ou awake in a stir. You look around and find yourself on an island, in the dark abyss of the sky with only a wolf to keep you company, but don't make him mad! What are your options? Crying? Maybe taking your own life? NO! You fight for your survival! 

    ip: vitalblockmc.mcph.co 

    VitalBlock is a 1.12 Skyblock server with a strong focus on player communities. Players are able to create their own shops as well as invite other people to help them build up their own Skyblock islands! 

    Here is a list of features that you can expect on this server: 

    Islands: You can find 3 different islands to choose from. Do your best to make your island the best one! You can also join other players' islands or work temporarily with them as well. 

    Player Shops: Create your own shops on your islands and work your way to the top. 

    Island levels: Raise your island level for fame and recognition. 

    McMMO: Raise your personal proficiencies to harvest, mine, and fight with ease! 

    Weekly Challenges: Compete with other players to complete special weekly missions that give great rewards! 

    PvP: Fight in the PvP arena using custom items that have specialized uses for different situations! 

    Coming soon... Skywars!: Engage in island combat using given kits and your own wits! 

    And much much more!: Be prepared for more features to make your experience on our server much better! 

    There is also a need for more staff members. Be a dedicated player on server to show that your are a good candidate for one of our staff positions! 

    We hope you join and have a great time on our server! 
    ip: vitalblockmc.mcph.co

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