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    posted a message on My Modpck Keeps Crashing. Pls Help!!!

    If you look closely, "[15:15:26] [main/FATAL]" Then continues with an error: "Unable to launch" then suggests that "Patcher expecting non-empty class data file for net.minecraft.crash.CrashReport$1, but received empty, your vanilla jar may be corrupt." I recommend reinstalling both minecraft and curseforge, this is a common error for repetitive installation of corrupted mods/modpacks. (If possible) check for said folder's integrity. (It's the crash report file for creating crashes due to the excessive amount of errors that occurred, around 22.) If the prior does not work, try lighter packs like fabric packs, etc. Or if you are modifying packs, check for compatibility issues on the mod sites. 5GB's of ram is enough for around 300 Medium mods- that being said, quite generous. I wouldn't say I was a professional either. Please contact the Modpack creators for any questions/concerns or leave a comment in the "Issues" section, I'm sure they'll get to you. That's all I can say, have a good 2021!

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