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    posted a message on Tinkers Construct - Mod [New Version 1.16.5]

    Tinker's Contrust is a mod for Minecraft developed by mDiyo which invites us to review the way we design and use our weapons and tools. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to create your own and unique tools through new materials and a multitude of skills. It's up to you to see if you will choose a pickaxe that will repair itself, or rather a sword that will steal life points from your opponents ...

    Learn to use Tinkers Construct

    During your first generation of world with the Tinker's Construct mod; you will be given, in your inventory, a book called "Materials and you". This book, in addition to presenting you the first "recipes" for crafting the mod, will show you the order of steps in which you will need to proceed in order to get started in Tinker's Construct.

    Note that in this article I am only sharing the most important recipes, I recommend using Just Enough Items and tinkers construct wiki as a supplement.

    Building blocks

    To create and assemble your future tools, you will first need to make several machining blocks or crossings of all kinds, which will be as follows:

    • Table Stencil  (Stencil Workshop)
    • Part Builder  (Creation Table)
    • Pattern Chest  (Chest workshop)
    • Tool Station  (assembly workshop)

    Customize your tools

    The modifiers as seen previously, allow after the choice of materials, to customize its tools, and therefore to assign different skills. So let's review the various possible modifications. To modify or repair an object, you will simply have to click on the tab represented by an anvil in the assembly workshop.

    To repair a tool, all you need to do is place the necessary number of material, in which it was designed, in the two "slots" provided for this purpose.

    Note: Once broken, your tools will remain in your inventory and can therefore be repaired later.

    To modify the tool, proceed in the same way, but with specific items corresponding to a certain skill.

    • Diamond:  A diamond gem will increase the durability of your tools by  500 . Can only be used once.
    • Emerald:  An emerald gem will increase the durability of your tools by  50% . Can only be used once.
    • Redstone: Redstone  powder will increase mining speed by  0.08 . 25 redstone powders equals one modifier.
    • Moss:  Crafted with nine "mossy-cobblestones", the moss will make the tool autonomous in terms of its repair; it will repair itself. Can only be used once.
    • Lava Crystal:  When you mine an ore with a pickaxe affected by a lava crystal; the gem will be given to you directly. When you collect sand with this same tool, you will get glass directly. On the other hand, the lava crystal, on a sword will give it an aura of fire (the duration of the aura of fire is three seconds).
    • Lapis Lazuli:  It will increase the rate of "luck" when mining ( 100  Lapis = Fortune I -  300  Lapis = Fortune II -  450  Lapis (max) = Fortune III).
    • Quartz:  Quartz will increase the sharpness of your weapons ( 1  Quartz =  +0.5  heart -  36  Quartz =  +1  heart -  72  Quartz (max) =  +1.5  heart).
    • Blaze Powder: Blaze  Powder will add a fiery aura to your weapon (five powders added equals one second of fiery aura).
    • The bone of the wither:  It will add a life stealing skill to the tool in question ( 1  heart stolen with each attack). You can recover this bone by killing a wither skeleton.
    • Silk jewelry:  It will give a "silk touch" effect to your tools .
    • Electric:  Only if the “Industrial Craft 2” mod is installed. Add an electronic circuit and a RE-Battery to your tool and it will use power instead of the default durability.
    • Add modifier
      • A nether star associated with a tool will add an additional modification point to it.
      • A block of gold and a diamond gem associated with a tool will add an additional modification point to it.

    Material characteristics

    • Alien: Gain random amounts of durability, speed, and damage over time. See the note for more details. 1
    • Aquadynamic: Runs at normal speed underwater and faster in rain.
    • Aridiculous: Extraction speed increases with the temperature of the biome.
    • Autosmelt: If the broken block is fusible, it will drop this element (the balls drop coal).
    • Beheading: Chances of crowds knocking heads off are much higher.
    • Cheap: 10% more durability when repairing.
    • Cold-blooded: Adds 50% more damage if the target is at full health.
    • Crude: 10% bonus damage to armored enemies.
    • Dense: Possibility of using less durability. Increased chance as the tool takes more damage.
    • Duritae: 10% chance to use double durability, 40% chance not to use durability.
    • Ecological: 1% chance per second to restore durability. 1% chance to use the tool to repair damage caused to the user by puncturing armor.
    • Enderference: Prevent an enderman from teleporting for 5 seconds after hitting him.
    • Fractured: Bonus 1.5 damage.
    • Flammable: Set attackers on fire while blocking.
    • Hellish: Adds +2 damage (1 heart) against other enemies.
    • Insatiable: Using the tool adds a level of Insatiable for 15 seconds, limited to 10 levels. Increases speed and damage by (level / 3).
    • Jagged: Gains additional damage points when the tool is damaged. The more damaged it is (difference, not percentage), the more damage it inflicts. See the note for more details. 2
    • Lightweight: 10% bonus to extraction speed, attack speed, bow pull speed.
    • Magnetic: Allows you to attract objects from ~ 2 blocks when used.
    • Momentum: When the tool is in use, increases the extraction speed of the tool by up to 40%. The moment is lost when the tool ceases to be used.
    • Petramor: 10% chance to consume mined stone blocks to restore durability.
    • Poisonous: Applies poison for 5 seconds on damage.
    • Prickly: Deals armor piercing-type damage to enemies hit and the player when mining.
    • Sharp: Applies blood for 6 seconds.
    • Shocking: Builds up an electric charge when you move. Deals an additional 5 damage (2.5 hearts) when fully charged.
    • Slimy: 0.3% chance to summon a small vase matching the color of the tool part. (Tools made from blue and green slime have different chances of producing blue slime and green slime).
    • Stiff: When blocking, reduce damage by 1 damage point (0.5 heart). Will not reduce damage to less than 1.
    • Superheat: 35% more damage to enemies on fire.
    • Spiky: Enemies that hit you while blocking take damage.
    • Splintering: Attacks apply a “Splinter” level, up to 5 levels. You gain +0.3 damage bonus per level of Shattering.
    • Squeaky: The tool has a silky feel but doesn't do any damage.
    • Stonebound: Mines faster and deals less damage as durability decreases.
    • Tasty: If the player is less than half hungry, 0.2% chance per tick to "consume" your tool, which removes 100 durability and restores 1 hunger bar. When breaking blocks, 0.5% chance of getting bacon. When killing monsters, 5% chance of getting bacon.
    • Thermal Inversion: Applies slowness in hot biomes, or scorching in cold biomes.
    • Unnatural: 36% mining speed bonus for each harvest level tool above the block you break.
    • Well-Established: 25% experience bonus. 3% chance for 1 XP of blocks that normally give none.
    • Writable: Bonus 1 modifier. If the entire tool is made of paper, you gain 2 modifiers.


    tinkers construct

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    posted a message on The Twilight Forest - Mod New Version 1.16.5

    Imagine through a portal a twilight world, filled with hundred-year-old trees. Breathtaking panoramas and amazing discoveries await you around every corner. But beware! Because not all forest dwellers will respond to your intrusion lightly.

    In this gigantic universe you will discover frightening monsters, landscapes and glaciers that will take your breath away ...

    Mazes of no return….

    Are you brave enough to face the monstrous and huge serpent deity that lurks in these mazes?

    What is the Twilight Forest mod?

    Twilight Forest is an adventure-driven dimensional exploration mod that will take you on a journey of encountering strange creatures, exploring dungeons, and more than one can name, but here are some - some of the main characteristics:

    • Full-fledged dungeons.
    • Various boss fights with real mechanics.
    • Items and loot with unique features and functionality.
    • Continuous development, we never stop!

    The Twilight Forest has existed for millennia and has witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations. At present there are about half a dozen ruins and other structures that you can find in the world.

    <figure class="wp-block-gallery columns-2 is-cropped">

     The surface of the twilight world is peaceful, but new dangers lurk in the dark and magical places. Goblins and dreadful specters inhabit the Hollow Hills. New species of spiders have been reported crawling on the walls of the mazes. Finally, the skeletal remains of an ancient order of the Druids were sighted.

    In the ruins you can notice the appearance of a boss.

    How to play The Twilight Forest?

    To get started in the mod, you must first create a portal to access the Twilight Forest, after which you are ready to explore!

    The gate can be assembled in any shape and size you want, the picture above is just the minimum size required. The portal operates as long as the following conditions are met:


    The frame is made of grass, dirt, podzol, mycelium, etc. Above the grass are flowers, mushrooms, leaves, plants, etc. The frame should be

    completely filled with water.

    Download The Twilight Forest

    twilight forest

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    posted a message on Dynamic Lights Mod - Crafting lights in Minecraft

    Dynamic Lights Mod is one of the mods of the Minecraft game, supporting the creation of many new lights, allowing players to actively control the light source and freely explore the Minecraft world.
    Dynamic Lights Mod adds some types of flashlights to the lighting system in Minecraft, which is very convenient in cave exploration. Using these lights can also light up the entire surrounding area.

    Dynamic Lights Mod provides lighting objects such as Glowdust, Glowstone, Lit Pumpkin, Lava Bucket, Redstone, Powered Minecart... for players to equip their characters.

    Main features of Dynamic Lights Mod:

    - Mods of the game Minecraft

    - Add some types of flashlights to the lighting system in Minecraft

    - Provide lighting objects such as Glowdust, Glowstone, Lit Pumpkin...

    - Assist players during cave exploration

    How to install?

    • Download and install Minecraft Forge Installer, download The Dynamic Lights Mod jar file
    • Recommend using Minecraft Optifine HD for replacing Notch’s funky render code with slightly less funky rendering code.
    • Right-click Forge Installer, select “Run as Administrator” and then click OK
    • Click Start on the desktop
    • Open “Run”
    • Type “% appdata%” in Run and press Enter
    • Go to Roaming/.minecraft/mods
    • Put the Mod file in Mods folders and then run Minecraft
    • Enjoy!

    Dynamic Lights Mod Download Links:

    dynamic lights mod

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    posted a message on FPS Reducer Mod (Reduce FPS for smooth gameplay on weak PC pc)

    FPS Reducer Mod is the necessary Minecraft Mod for you to have a smooth and stable Minecraft gaming experience even on low-end machines.

    Specifically, the FPS Reducer Mod helps reduce unnecessary GPU and CPU load by reducing the frame rate automatically when you are not really playing Minecraft for a long time. As soon as you return to the game and perform any action, the mod will revert back to the original frame rate of the original game.

    FPS Reducer Mod is a client-side mod, so you don't need to install it on the server.

    Features of Minecraft FPS Reducer Mod

    Automatically reduce FPS under the following conditions:
    The user does not do anything on the game for a certain period of time.
    The game window is inactive or minimized in the system tray.
    Lower the volume if the game window is inactive or minimized.
    Displays the current FPS on the edge of the screen.

    It is recommended to use Mod Minecraft in the following cases:

    When the game runs automatically without any activity, for example, using the function of farming, manufacturing, building ... automatically.
    When doing other work such as surfing the web, listening to music, watching videos ... but still running Minecraft background.
    When you want to extend the life of your computer even a small part.
    When you want to save battery.
    When the room temperature is too high.
    As we all know, although Minecraft game is not excellent in graphics, it is quite demanding on hardware. If you own an old computer, low configuration because it is quite common to experience lag when playing Minecraft. Fortunately, there are many mods that can fix this like FastCraft Mod or SFLP Shaders. Same with FPS Reducer Mod. The mod supports reducing frame rate and volume when the game is running in the background, so you can still play the game fast and smoothly on low-end computers.

    How to use FPS Reducer Mod

    In default mode, if you do nothing on the game for 5 minutes, the frame rate will automatically drop to 10.
    Press the [END] key to open the setup GUI (default).

    Download FPS Reducer Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5/1.15.2:

    fps reducer 1.16.5

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    posted a message on Minecraft Comes Alive Mod - Simulation of real life

    Minecraft Comes Alive Mod is a mod that simulates The Sims game and brings the real family world to the Minecraft game series, bringing completely new experiences to players in the attractive 2D Minecraft world with point graphics style. image. The first advantage to mention of Minecraft Comes Alive Mod is that the detail is clearly depicted through each content and game mode, recreating family life and vivid everyday life into the Minecraft game.
    Minecraft Comes Alive Mod is designed in the style of role-playing game, in which, players will play the role of people in the Minecraft world and interact with villagers, performing activities such as taking care of villagers, managing villages or managing villages. even with marriage to game characters.

    With Minecraft Comes Alive Mod, players need to build relationships with villagers similar to real life, and the player's attitudes and actions in real life will also be clearly reflected in the game character. In particular, the characters in the game have the ability to interact and communicate like real through the form of questions and answers, making requests, etc.

    MineCraft commands will be extremely important knowledge for those who are just starting to get used to this game, the basic MineCraft commands are a bit complicated at first, but once you get used to it, you will find it simple and easy to play.

    Minecraft Comes Alive Mod supports the familiar multiplayer and single-player modes, helping players increase their ability to interact with other players or build their own empire. In addition, this Minecraft Mod also adds a hardcore mode with many unknown features, evoking the curiosity of players.

    Download Mod :

    minecraft comes alive 1.16.5


    Interact with Completely New Villagers

    • Adds 13 new professions.
    • Over 500 different skins.
    • Each villager is male or female with a unique name.
    • An interaction menu​, allowing for high degree of control.
    • Talk to villagers, tell jokesgive gifts, and more.
    • Trade using the default Minecraft trading system.
    • Build a relationship and marry any villager.

    Have Children

    • Have a baby boy or girl with the villager you marry.
    • Babies grow into children, who can perform chores.
    • Children can mine, farm, cut trees, and hunt for you.
    • Over time, children grow into adults.

    Create Your Own Stories

    • Villagers live their lives as you play.
    • Your children can growget married, and have children of their own.
    • Interact with villagers having a multitude of personalities and moods.
    • Watch your villages grow before your eyes.
    • Villagers will interact with each other, get married, and have children.

    Play a Reimagined Minecraft Multiplayer

    • Marry and have children with other players in multiplayer.
    • MCA easily integrates into a server environment.
    • Full control over mod features for server admins.
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    posted a message on How to install Fabric?

    Fabric is both an API as well as a modloader which is developed in parallel with Minecraft snapshots in order to take advantage of the Minecraft community mods as early as possible . This was created on December 10, 2018 and is mainly developed by asiekierka and modmuss50.

    While Minecraft Forge is only released in stable versions after several months of updating, Fabric stands out in being available quickly and allows developers to develop or update their mods from the first snapshots of Minecraft as well as the final versions of the game.

    1. Go to the Fabric project website , then click on the “ use ” tab at the top right.
    2. Download the installer by selecting the Vanilla tab . Choose the most recent version and click on Download Installer (Exe or .Jar).


    1. Open your launcher . If it is MultiMC, click on “Add Instance”, then “Import from ZIP”, and paste the URL of the instance. A new profile should then appear. As for the vanilla launcher, you should also see a new profile after running the downloaded file.
    2. In the mods folder of your .minecraft, put the mods you want to use. A non-exhaustive list is available here . Note that the vast majority of mods will require the Fabric API , so be sure to put that in the folder as well.
    3. Launch the game and select the Fabric profile. Now enjoy mods on the latest version of Minecraft!

    If you want to develop mods with Fabric, you should know that the Fabric API is not yet as complete as Forge, which is mainly due to its young age. It does allow a lot of things, however, such as using events, adding keyboard shortcuts, and manipulating loot tables.

    Would you be interested in a modding tutorial with Fabric? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments. In the meantime, the project wiki will be able to help you.

    Download Fabric API All Version

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    posted a message on How to install a Minecraft server with Fabric?

    Fabric is an API for Minecraft that continues to gain popularity with the appearance of many mods . Its success is mainly due to the fact that it is almost instantly updated with the latest versions of Minecraft , also including snapshots . As a result, more and more players are installing it. Then inevitably comes the fateful question: how to install a Minecraft server with Fabric ?

    Also read: How to install a Minecraft server with mods (Forge)

    This article is a translation of the official Fabric tutorial which you can find here . The fabric wiki has a lot of other information on mod design etc. I advise you to go check it out!

    Verify Java installation

    A Minecraft server requires you to have Java installed beforehand. To check if Java is installed on your computer, open the runtime window by the following: Touche Windows + R. Type and cmdthen click the button Ok. The command window will open.

    In the command window, type java -versionand then press the touche entrée.


    If java is properly installed on your computer, you should get a message like this.

    You can skip the next step if java is therefore correctly installed. If not, you will get a message like this.

    Optional: Install Java

    If the last command tells you that Java is not installed, you will need to install it. If you already have at least Java 8 installed, skip this step. To download Java, please go to the following page: Download java


    Choose version 8 in Version and choose in JVM, HotSpot . Download it and install JAVA.

    Install Fabric in the server folder

    Go to the official fabric page then download it by clicking either on Download installer (.jar) or Download installer (Windows / .EXE) . Then launch your Fabric installer and go to the Server tab . Choose the version of Minecraft you want and load there.

    In Select Install Location, enter the name of the folder where you want to install the server. If the folder does not exist, it will be created automatically. Then click on the button Install.

    The installation process may take some time, when the installation is complete you will see this.


    Now click on Download server jarto download the minecraft server.jar file . Then click on Generateto generate the files start.batand start.sh. You can use these files to start your server.

    You can now close the Fabric installer. In the command window that you opened in the first step , type the following command:

    cd "c:\mc-server" then press the [Enter] key

    Warning !

    If the server path is in another drive, consider changing the drive letter. For example if the server path is in drive D: enter this at the command prompt:

    d: then press the [Enter] key

    The command prompt should now contain:


    Now type the following command to create the file eula.txt:

    echo eula=true>eula.txt then press the [Enter] key

    Starting the server

    Note: The installer now has a button to generate batch files for you, so the following instructions may be out of date. If you are updating Fabric, delete before the folder .fabric. If you are also upgrading the version of Minecraft, don't forget to download the file server.jaras explained earlier.

    Start the server by typing in the command window:

    java -jar fabric-server-launch.jar nogui then press the [Enter] key

    If you are on windows you will receive a windows security alert, just click on Allow Access .

    You should see something like this in the command window:

    Now that the server is operational, you can stop it and create / modify a batch file that starts the server. Type this in order to stop the server:

    stop then press [Enter]

    Then type the following:

    echo java -jar fabric-server-launch.jar nogui>start.bat then press the [ENTER] key

    If you want to specify the amount of RAM to allocate to the server, type this instead of the command just above.

    echo java -Xms1024m -Xmx2048m -jar fabric-server-launch.jar nogui>start.bat then press the [Enter] key.

    Set the desired values ​​for Xms and Xmx.

    Now type this to create a file start.batthat can be used to start the server.

    echo pause»start.cmdthen press the [Enter] key ( Be careful, type> and not »twice .)

    You can now add mods to the folder c:\mc-server\mods. After copying the mods you want to the mods folder on the server, you may also want to copy the config files. To do this, simply drag them into the folder c:\mc-server\config.

    Now restart the server by double clicking on the file start.bat.

    Your server with Fabric is now operational! If you plan to use an already hosted server such as OMGserv for example and the provider only allows you to use this server.jaris the solution.

    • Rename server.jartovanilla.jar
    • Rename fabric-serveur-launch.jartoserver.jar
    • Modify the configuration file: fabric-server-launcher.propertiesand put in:serverJar=vanilla.jar

    This can work if the web host only checks the filename of the jar file. If it appears that you are unable to configure a Fabric server on a hosted server, ask the hosting company to add fabric support.

     Download Fabric Link : fabric installer 1.16.5

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    posted a message on BSL Shaders Mod - Cinematic Minecraft shader

    BSL Shaders Mod 1.16.5 is a cinematic shader pack for Minecraft game. BSL Shaders Mod adds shaders to enhance bright colors, reduce darkness and customize torch colors, creating a more beautiful and romantic Minecraft game world than ever before.
    This Minecraft Shader is a combination of old and new shaders, creating cinematic and artistic effects but still updating the graphics. This shader is used in both gameplay and freestyle adventures in the magical open world of cubes. Minecraft Mod integrates many basic color and color options from the original Minecraft game to create a unique, freely customizable visual experience.

    Features of BSL Shaders Mod

    Integrated with the latest OptifineHD.
    Enhance color brightness and saturation.
    Unique shader pack.
    Custom scale SSAO.
    Motion blur (compatible with dof).
    Edge customization.
    2D Clouds.

    BSL Shaders Mod Installation:

    • Download and install Optifine 1.16.4
    • Download the shaderpack
    • Download and install GLSL Shaders.
    • Put the shaderpack inside .minecraft\shaderpacks
      Launch Minecraft
    • Open Options, Video Settings, Shaders
      Choose BSL Shaders
    • Done and Enjoy the mod.

    Download BSL Shaders Mod Cinematic Minecraft shader Link

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    posted a message on Better Nether Mod - Improve the Nether dimension in Minecraft

    Better Nether Mod is a mod for Minecraft game that improves the "hell" of Nether by adding new biomes, plants and minerals to this dimension. With the Better Nether Mod, players will be able to discover, mine and craft many new items from the materials they earn.
    The Nether was first introduced in Minecraft through a Halloween update, and it's a fun but dangerous place to explore. When the player successfully builds the Nether Portal, they will go to a hellish place, full of lava and bedrock. If you often travel in the Nether dimension and want to find a mod that improves the experience when exploring here, try Better Nether Mod.
    This Minecraft Mod adds many new biomes, plants and minerals to the Nether "hell" for players to discover, mine and craft many new items from the materials obtained here. Better Nether Mod is designed to be compatible with other Nether mods.

    Primal things, that this mod adds:
    1. Many new plants to the Nether;
    2. New mobs for the Nether;

    3. New unique biomes;
    4. Non-vertical volumetric biome system (supporting other mods);
    5. New materials, recipes, food, tools and items;
    6. Ability to farm some materials using plant farms or mob farms;
    7. Many nether structures, including big and rare cities;
    8. Ability to configure presence of blocks, items, structures, biomes and plant density (and a config GUI with ModsMenu mod);
    9. Integrations with some other mods.


    Download Better Nether Mod For Minecraft Link

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    posted a message on Better End Mod For Minecraft - Improved End Dimension

    After defeating the final boss, Ender Dragon, and ending the game, gamers are also rewarded with a portal to the Deeper End. However, the End dimension is often bland and uncreative, exhibiting almost nothing but fellow Endermans, End Blocks, and nothing else, while the main world (Overworld) and hell (Nether) are present. Is brimming with unique wonders and landscapes. Therefore, Mod Better End was born.
    With the additions made by Better End Mod, the End above dimension will be completely enhanced by using more unique terrain types, flowers, and entities. This splendid new End Dimension can be described as no less spectacular than the Overworld and the Nether. However, while these sites may be beautiful, the threats they pose are significant, so be careful when exploring them.

    How to install Better End Mod With Fabric Mod

    1. Make sure you have installed Fabric Mod Loader and Fabric API.
    2. Download the mod for your version of the game.
    3. Put it in the ‘mods’ folder, which is located in the game folder.

    How to install:

    1. Download and Install Minecraft Launcher Vanilla
    2. Download and Install Fabric Installer for Vanilla Launcher
    3. Run the recently downloaded .jar file, choose the version you want, and press “Install.”
    4. Run Minecraft, select the profile with Fabric installed, and press Play
    5. Press Start on Desktop
    6. Choose Run
    7. Type %appdata% onto Run and press Enter.
    8. Goes into Roaming/.Minecraft/mods
    9. Put the jar. Files onto the mod folder and run Minecraft.

    Download Mod :  better end mod

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    posted a message on Download Falling Tree Mod - Increase tree cutting productivity

    Falling Tree Mod is a simple Minecraft mod that allows players to cut down an entire tree with a single ax blow. If you want to increase the speed of collecting wood in Minecraft, do not ignore this helpful mod.
    Wood is an essential resource in Minecraft; it is the first material you need to mine in nearly every world. You will also need a lot of wood to make tools, use as fuel, decoration materials, and more. However, due to the nature of the game, players will need to spend a lot of time logging in. One of the most efficient ways to do that is to build a tree farm, which still takes a long time.
    Falling Tree Mod is a Minecraft mod designed to increase the speed of logging in Minecraft. Its features are straightforward. This mod allows the player to swing a single ax, and the whole tree will automatically fall into chunks. If you don't want to cut a lot of wood at the same time, you can hold down Shift while cutting wood to turn off this feature of Falling Tree Mod. In addition, you also have many other options in the mod's configuration file.

    Falling Tree Mod configuration file options:

    - logs_whitelisted: The mod automatically supports all blocks that are confirmed as logs. However, if you want to add another block type that is not recognized by the mod as a log, you can do it as mod_id:block_id (such as biomesoplenty:fir_log).
    - tools_whitelisted: The mod automatically supports all types of axes as tools. However, you can add other tool types as mod_id:item_id (such as powder_power:axe_trilium).
    - logs_blacklisted: If you don't want to cut multiple wood blocks at once, you can do it here.
    - tools_blacklisted: If you don't want to use some tools, you can do it here.
    - ignore_durability: If enabled, cutting wood does not damage your tools.
    - max_log_count: The maximum number of logs that can be generated.
    - preserve_tools: If enabled, your tool will not break when cutting down a large tree. Instead, it only has 1 durability left.
    - reverse_sneaking: If enabled, you'll need stealth to cut down the entire tree.
    - break_leaves: If the option is set to true, the leaves will disappear immediately when the tree falls.

    Click Download falling tree mod All Version 

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    posted a message on What is Minecraft?

    What about Minecraft ? For a few years now, it has been almost impossible not to see cubes everywhere. Books, videos, conventions, goodies,… Minecraft is everywhere, and arouses as much interest and passion as it does controversy and debate. If you are visiting Minecraft-France for the first time, let yourself be guided and find out what Minecraft is!

    What is Minecraft?

    Developed since 2009 by the Mojang studio , Minecraft is a video game now available on consoles, PCs and mobile devices and which consists of a huge sandbox offering players almost endless possibilities. Construction, survival, combat or even mechanisms: Minecraft offers players a large number of occupations and also benefits from a dense and varied community regularly offering new content that we present here.

    In Minecraft, the player is free to roam an absolutely gigantic world (almost eight times the area of ​​the Earth) made up of blocks to destroy, craft and transform. Extremely dense and comprehensive, this modern day sandbox will allow adventurers to explore vast biomes and caverns in search of resources, creatives to build whatever they see fit, and engineers to create simple or incredibly complex mechanics. . Whatever your interests or passions, Minecraft is very likely to interest you.

    Even if its visual can be unsettling, the discovery of this three-dimensional world made up of blocks with simplistic textures has today fascinated an absolutely indefinable community, both by its importance and its diversity. Adults and children alike, Minecraft allows many enthusiasts or neophytes to have fun, learn, create, experiment, and sometimes even live. Gradually, the cubic universe has become the digital successor of these good old LEGOs . The medium has changed, but the pleasure remains and is now shared with disconcerting ease.

    This section will allow you to discover the different aspects of this universe: game modes, additional content, communities, multiplayer activities,… Engineers, builders and adventurers, we hope you enjoy your visit!

    Minecraft history

    The development of Minecraft was initiated on May 10, 2009, by Markus “Notch” Persson. The very first version of the game will be released a few days later, on May 17th, in Classic version 0.0.11a. This version is extremely basic and has little to do with the base game: you earn points by killing monsters and only a few blocks are available. But despite its age, the Classic version is today still playable for free on the official Minecraft site.

    The development of Minecraft is growing rapidly in versions Indev (In Development) and Infdev (Infinite Development), which are published as of December 23, 2009. The craft industry is set up and the tools notably appear. The Infdev, in particular, revolutionized the Minecraft of the time by offering infinite maps. The Alpha version was launched on June 28, 2010, adding, among other things, biomes, the Nether , the possibility of creating Redstone circuits , but above all the possibility of playing survival mode in multiplayer. The game then costs € 9.99.

    The Beta marks a turning point in the history of Minecraft on December 20, 2010. It is released shortly after Minecraft's victory at the Indie of the Year 2010. The beta greatly improves the multiplayer version, fixes many bugs and adds several blocks. . Minecraft price drops to € 14.95.

    The development of the Beta version will last nearly a year, adding Endermen, creative mode, NPC villages, sprint, hunger bar, new combat system… All of these features are still central in the current versions and which will prepare the ground for the version. Minecraft “Finale”, released on November 18, 2011, at MineCon, the very first Minecraft convention, held in Las Vegas. This version 1.0.0 will be released by Notch, live, by lowering a lever similar to those in Minecraft. The game then costs € 19.95. Shortly after the release of the final version, Markus “Notch” Persson , creator of Minecraft, left the development team to devote himself to other projects. It's Jens "Jeb_" Bergensten takes its place of Chief Developer.

    This so-called final version continues to exist and regularly undergoes updates, most often thematic. Let us quote for example the update 1.5, released on March 13, 2013 under the name of Redstone Update , which adds the essential Command blocks and totally reinvents the way of doing Redstone, but also the “Update that changed the world ”, Published on October 25, 2013 (version 1.7), which gives pride of place to biomes and aesthetic additions.

    At the same time, an Xperia version of Minecraft was released shortly before the release of the Final version on PC, on August 16, 2011. Once Sony's exclusivity ended, Android and iOS in turn offered Minecraft, a pocket edition, for 6, € 99, ​​respectively in October and November of the same year.

    On May 18, 2012, Minecraft becomes available on Xbox , for around twenty euros. This version is not maintained by Mojang, creator of Minecraft PC, but 4J Studios. This version was a great success and broke the sales records of the time. The same year, a new Minecon takes place at Disneyland Paris on November 2 and 2. A month later, Minecraft is released on Playstation 3 .

    On September 4, 2014, Minecraft Console Version (on PS3 and Xbox) was released on Playstation 4 and Xbox. A few days later, Markus “Notch” Persson announced that he had sold his shares in the company Mojang, owner of Minecraft, for 2.5 billion euros to Microsoft. Minecraft therefore falls under the fold of Microsoft, which announces a Windows Phone version shortly after.

    The different platforms

    Minecraft, a multi-platform game!

    Following the success of Minecraft originally developed only on PC, a port was made on different platforms (Windows, Mobile, Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo etc.) for players and also to acquire a new audience. It should be noted that there are platforms where the game was released such as Raspberry or Xperia play which have since been outdated and which no longer benefit from an update.

    Minecraft is compatible on many platforms. To buy the game on your favorite medium, you can consult this page which lists all versions of Minecraft .

    Questions and answers about Minecraft

     Is Minecraft free?

    No, it is chargeable at the price of 23.95 €, however you can download a trial version at this address .

     From what age can we play Minecraft?

    He is classified 7 years and + by PEGI. It is therefore suitable for an audience of all  ages .

     Minecraft is compatible with which platforms?

    Currently: Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox (One & 360), Playstation (3, 4, Vita) Nintendo (Switch, Wii U, New 3DS), IOS and Android.

    Download Minecraft Mod All Version 

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    posted a message on Smart Moving Mod Minecraft version: 1.8

    Good morning all ! Today I present a mod that is aimed in particular at Minecraftians who find the character's movements too restricted. I'm talking about the Smart Moving mod, which adds no less than 16 new movements! So let's start by seeing these movements one by one.

    Hang on to ledges
    Do you want to climb a cliff on an expedition, but your one-meter-high jumps are not enough to climb?
    With Smart Moving, hang on to the edges and lift your cubic body with the strength of your arms!

    Step 1: Press the “grab” key ([CTRL] by default)
    Step 2: Go forward, while remaining pressed on “grab”
    Continue until you reach the top of the wall
    And There you go ! The two-block-high wall is no longer a problem now!

    For walls three blocks high, just jump, then do the same things.

    It is even possible to climb a wall four blocks high, we will see that later.

     Climb a wall thanks to its breaches

    Do you want to climb a wall made up of spaced slabs? No problem.

    • Step 1: Press “grab”
    • Step 2: Move along the slabs while remaining pressed on “grab”

    Hang on to bars and barriers

    Go over a barrier, or a fence? Easy !

    • Step 1: Press “grab”
    • Step 2: Go forward while remaining pressed on “grab”

    Climb a barrier…… or hang yourself on iron bars.

    You can also climb on traps.


    Want to enter a tunnel, but the opening is only one block, and therefore too narrow for you? You just have to crawl.

    • Step 1: Press the “sneak” button
    • Step 2: Press the “grab” button
    • Step 3: While holding both keys, move with your stomach to the ground.


    As in any good self-respecting action movie, do you want to pass, narrowly, under a door that slips shut?
    Let's go.

    • Step 1: start running
    • Step 2: Press “grab”
    • Step 3: Keep pressed on “grab”, and press “sneak”.

    To dive

    Want to take the plunge into the pool, but in an elegant way? Not very complicated.

    • Step 1: start running
    • Step 2: Press “grab”
    • Step 3: Keep pressed on “grab”, and jump

    High jump

    I told you earlier about climbing a wall four blocks high, well the time has come.
    Thanks to the high jump, you can jump two blocks in height, and by repeating the operation from earlier to climb a wall, you can climb a wall of four blocks without too much difficulty.

    • Step 1: Sneak
    • Step 2: Still in sneak, hold the jump key
      You will see a bar above the life bar load, wait for it to be complete
    • Step 3: Release everything

     Side jumps and back jump

    Want to imitate Link, and jump in all directions? Very good.

    • Step 1: Quickly press the left, right or back button twice

    Flight and swim animation

    Have you always dreamed of flying in style, like Superman, and not standing up?
    Have you always dreamed of swimming normally, like everyone else, and not standing up?
    So, I tell you that this mod is really for you.

    You just need to fly or swim normally. The animation is replaced, and it's much better that way.
    To steer, simply move forward by moving the cursor in the desired direction. To return to the surface, under the sea, you no longer have to press the jump key, you just have to point the cursor towards the surface, and move forward (of course, to ascend faster, press the jump key is convenient).
    The same goes for theft. To move up and down, just point the cursor up or down, and move forward.


    Climb the ladders

    This mod also adds a new ladder system: you must now be turned towards the ladder to be able to climb it, which adds an effect of realism. An animation has also been added.

    If you don't count 16 movements (as I said at the beginning of the article), it is because some are not functional, and I have grouped several movements under the same title.

    A speed increase / decrease function is available, just press i to reduce its speed, and o to increase it.

    To activate / deactivate the mod, press [F9].


     Forge and Player API are required for mod to work.
    You are now ready to follow in Faith's footsteps!

    Smart Moving Mod 1.8

    Maps made for Smart Moving

    A collection of maps made by baeshra .
    A map paying homage to the game Mirror's Edge .
    A Parkour map created by Bloxcraft .
    A very good Parkour map created by Binix .
    A training / challenge map created by Blue_Legion .
    A map challenge created by JetfireBlack .
    A training map created by George3636 .
    A quest map created by black00ut .
    An obstacle course created by cavesticks12 .
    A map challenge created by Random_Asian .
    A running training map created by LaBarata .
    A very big Parkour map created by TheNewbiesMines .

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    posted a message on Keyboard and mouse shortcuts in Minecraft

    Minecraft PC players have a huge advantage over their console-playing comrades, that of a hardware equipped with dozens of keys with as many actions that can be performed and a game adapted to these uses. So Minecraft is full of keyboard and mouse shortcuts of all kinds, useful for all game activities: construction, combat, exploration, modding etc. No matter the domain and your gaming experience. You will certainly find in this article shortcuts that you do not know. By mastering these pressures and combinations you can boost repetitive actions such as managing blocks in your inventory, crafting or even debugging your game with a gesture.

    The shortcuts are presented in tables of four columns. The first gives a context for the use of the shortcut itself detailed in the second under the name of “pressure” (ie the pressures to be performed on the keyboard or the mouse). In the third column is explained the action generated and finally in the last one is displayed an optional comment on the shortcut to provide details and tips. If the tables may seem talkative, they are above all precise. Since certain pressures trigger different actions (sometimes almost equivalent) depending on the context or even the movement of the mouse, it is necessary to provide a good number of explanations. It is through practice that you will memorize these combinations and their variants,

    Feel free to open a game window next to the article to test the shortcuts live!

    The shortcuts have been sorted by area of ​​use and by order - subjective - of importance. By clicking on the links in the summary below, you can quickly go to the category of the post that interests you or continue to scroll quietly the page to discover all the shortcuts

    Download Minecraft All Version

    Control of items

    Let's start with the basic shortcuts, which you need so you don't waste hours manipulating game items. To make it easier to organize your inventory and distribute items, here are some shortcuts.

    Identical items are loose in a storage window (inventory / distributor, etc.): you click on one of them. double Left click All items come together in a bundle of maximum 64 items. The items thus gathered remain selected, attached to the cursor. You can thus quickly move large packages of previously loose items in the inventory and thus put them away and use them.
    In a storage window, an item package is selected, attached to the cursor. Right click Drop a unit from the deck into the hovered cell. The units thus deposited on the same cell by multiple clicks reform packets.
    Right click dragged Place a layer of items on the hovered cells. Going over the same boxes again by clicking and now again will add a second layer. Useful for crafting.
    Left click dragged Distribute in a strictly equivalent manner all the items attached to the cursor between the boxes hovered over. Still in the crafting table and to craft a chest, you can with a bundle of 64 wood divide the items for 8 chests in one click.
    No item is selected, attached to the cursor and we click on a package of at least two items. Right click Divides the bundle of which a part is selected into two, attached to the cursor. If the number of elements in the package was not even, the half of the package attached to the cursor will contain one more element.
    The inventory is opened and the clicked item is in the toolbar OR in the inventory. Shift + Left Click Depending on its starting position, the item will be sent from the toolbar to the inventory, up and as far to the left as possible OR from the inventory to the toolbar, as far to the left as possible. It is very practical to send the items from the toolbar at the top left of the inventory, because this way the items are closer to the boxes of the crafting table.
    A container (chest / dispenser / oven / still etc.) is opened and the clicked item is in the toolbar, the inventory OR in the container. Shift + Left Click Depending on its starting position, the item will be sent from the tool bar to its useful position in the container (at the top and as far to the left as possible in a chest, instead of fuel in an oven, ingredients in a still etc.) OR from the container to the toolbar, as far to the right as possible. It is no longer on the left, but on the right that the item is placed in the tool bar. This is a variation that may be of interest to players who need speed in their movement of objects.
    A container (inventory, safe, dispenser etc.) open in a window and contains loose items. One of these items is selected, attached to the cursor, and another of these items is clicked. Shift + double Left click All items of this type are sent to the inventory or to the container, depending on the origin of the clicked item. This is very useful for sending lots of packages of identical items from inventory to a safe, or the other way around.
    The inventory is opened and a bundle of items is hovered over by the cursor. Alphanumeric keys 1 to 9 Depending on the number pressed, the package will go to the equivalent box on the toolbar. If an element was already present in this box of the toolbar, it will replace the package sent from the inventory: the two exchange places.
    In creative mode, the inventory of entities is opened and one clicks on one of these elements. Shift + Left Click Selects, attaches to the cursor, a bundle of 64 elements.  
    In creative mode, the character inventory is open and he or the toolbar contains blocks. Click on the trash can (black cross in the pinkish square at the bottom right). Shift + Left Click Removes all entities from the inventory and from the toolbar.  
    In creative mode, in a storage window, we point to a block with the cursor. Wheel click Attaches to the cursor a 64-pack of the entity hovered over by the cursor. Convenient to quickly multiply items in a safe or a dispenser.

    dividerminecraftfranceDebug shortcuts

    The functions presented below are used to solve technical problems encountered in the game, but they can also be very useful in your games to clear the chat, reduce the lag or collect information about your character and your inventory.

      F3 + H For all items with durability, this is displayed when you hover over them with the cursor when the inventory is open.  
      F3 + D Clear chat history. All console and player messages are erased, but you keep the history of executed commands.
    You are in "Creative" or "Spectator" mode. F3 + N Toggles from "Creative" mode to "Spectator" mode or vice versa depending on the playing mode in progress during the presses.  
      F3 Displays the debug screen. This interface contains all the information about your position in the world and your interaction with it.
      F1 Hide all interface elements (toolbar, hand etc.) to leave only the world.  
      F2 Take a screenshot of the game.  
      F3 + A Reload the chunks (play area of ​​16x16x256 blocks) This command solves display problems, but also more generally lag.
      F3 + G Displays the borders of the chunk. Do not hesitate to take the height, you will see much better!
      F3 + T Reloads everything related to the resource pack (sound, textures)  
      F3 + S Reloads game sounds. Useful in the crowd of animals and monsters which sometimes bug the sounds.
    You have a very big bug in the game. F3 + C (hold 10 sec) Crashes the game and sends a report to Mojang.  
      F3 + F Increases viewing distance from the world by 1 (up to a limit of 32) Be careful, more display means more work for the computer and therefore potentially slows down.
      F3 + F + Shift Decreases the viewing distance from the world by 1.  
      F3 + B Displays the hitbox of all entities (creatures, NPCs, arrows, ground items) The collision box is the area in which clicking will allow you to interact with the monster: tapping in this area delimited in red taps the monster.
      F3 + C Copy to the clipboard of a command that will allow you to return to the same block, with the same gaze position as when you pressed it. This command being in the clipboard, you can open the chat at any time and paste it to execute it.
      F3 + I Copy a command to the clipboard to generate the block you were looking at when pressing  

    The article will be enriched with possible other shortcuts in the event that they are discovered. Feel free to suggest keyboard shortcuts that would not be presented in the article.

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    posted a message on How to cheat in Minecraft?

    Although Mojang does not allow cheating in Minecraft , you can use a cheat mode included in the game or you risk nothing. By default, you can cheat and use commands that allow you to change game modes, time, weather, summon creatures or items etc.

    Download mod Minecraft 1.16.5

    How to activate cheat in Minecraft?

    You can, when creating a new world, activate cheat mode

    1. Creation of the world

      Start by launching your game and creating a new world. Then click on More World Options

    2. Activate cheat mode

      When you are in the More World Options menu, turn Allow Cheats to ON

      1. Finish creating your world

        Then just click on Create New World and you will be able to enter commands in order to cheat in Minecraft and have access to all the objects and creatures in the game.

      List of commands to cheat in Minecraft

      If you have any doubts about the different cheat options that there are in Minecraft, here are some examples of what you can do.

      Switch to creative mode

    The creative mode allows you to have access to all the objects in the game, to be able to fly in the air and also, to be invulnerable. You can activate this game mode via the game chat. To do this, press the T key then type the following command:

    /gamemode creative

    Reactivate survival mode

    You can also switch back to survival mode by typing the following command in the chat:

    /gamemode survival

    Change game time

    For various reasons, you may have to switch from day to night or vice versa. To do this, you will need to type a command in the chat to activate night or day. There are by default 4 commands:


    /time set day

    Put the night

    /time set night

    Set the time to noon

    /time set noon

    Set the time to midnight

    /time set midnight

    Block the Day / Night cycle

    /gamerule doDaylightCycle

    Put trueat the end of the command to activate the blocking or falseto deactivate.

    Change the weather

    If you are fed up that there is rain all the time in game, you can change the weather conditions in Minecraft. There are 3 commands to modify the weather of the game:

    Have a clear time

    /weather clear

    Turn on the rain

    /weather rain

    Activate the storm

    /weather thunder

    Block weather

    /gamerule doWeatherCycle

    Put trueto block the weather or falseto unblock the weather. Be careful, if you block the weather forecast while it is raining, there will always be rain afterwards.

    Locate a biome or structure

    If you are looking for a particular biome or structure, there is a command that will scan the surroundings and teleport you to the biome or structure closest to you.

    Locate a biome


    Then you will automatically have the list of biomes. You just have to choose or write the one you want and validate.

    The coordinates will appear in the chat and you just have to click on them to be automatically teleported.

    Locate a structure

    To locate a structure, type the following command:


    You will then have the list of the different structures. Just select or write the one you want and the contact details will appear in the chat.

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