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    What is a resource pack?

    The packs resources or texture pack are just like the mods, the creations of the community . This involves modifying the appearance of blocks and items in the game to customize its general design to your tastes.

    They come in several distinct qualities or “resolutions”. This is the sum of the pixels that can be counted from one stop to the other of each cube. There is an unlimited number of these variants, but here is a non-exhaustive list of the most famous: namely 16 × 16 , which is the resolution of the base pack, the 32 × 32 , the 64 × 64 , and finally the high resolutions : 128 × 128 , 256 × 256 and 512 × 512 . Some resource packs go up to 1024 × 1024 or 2048 × 2048 .

    The higher the quality of a texture pack is high , the more "heavy" and consumes power, and can make your Minecraft slow. However, you can use Optifine to lighten your game and therefore be able to use a high resolution pack.

     Download Optifine for Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.16.4

    You can vary the styles. Many packs are similar to the medieval world, but we can also find horror packs, some said to be “simplistic”, thus making the colors more vivid and the textures more sober. The creators are not lacking in imagination to offer varied and sometimes fun creations.

    How to install a Resource Pack?

    Time required:  2 minutes.

    When you download a resource pack , you get a compressed file containing all the data - modifiable at will - of the pack. You have to drag this document into the appropriate file that we will now find on the different operating systems. Here is the procedure to follow :

    1. Download the resource pack or texture pack of your choice

      To download a resource pack, you can find a selection of the best texture packs on our Minecraft-France site

    2. Access your resource pack folder

      To go to the resource pack folder located in .minecraft . under Windows do Windows Key + R and type: % appdata% \. minecraft \ resourcepacks. Under Linux type in your console bar ~ / .minecraft / resourcepacks /. In MacOS , type this ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft / resourcepacks

    3. Put your texture pack in the Resource Pack folder

      Drag the archive of the texture pack you downloaded into the resource pack folder.

    4. Launch Minecraft

      When you have put your pack, launch your Minecraft game

    5. Access Minecraft options

      To do this, when you are in the game, press the Esc key and in Options, go to Resource Packs and select the one you have installed.

    6. Enjoy the new graphics of Minecraft!

      If the installation was successful, you should notice a change in the textures of the game. Have a nice game!



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    When you start on the Java Edition version of Minecraft , it can be quite complicated to know the different keys of the game. Unlike the Bedrock version on console where everything is configured on a controller, on the java version, you will have to use your keyboard and mouse.

    Here is the list of commands:

    Note that it is possible to change the configuration of the keys. To do this, go a little further down the page.

    Download Minecraft 1.16.5

    <figure class="wp-block-table">
    Place / Use an element Mouse button 2
    Miner / Destroy an item Mouse Button 1
    Jump Space key
    Fly (In Creative Mode) Space key x2 (Press the key twice quickly)
    Stop flying Space key x2 (Press the key twice quickly)
    Fly higher Space key (Hold)
    Fly lower Left Shift Key (Hold)
    Drop / Throw an object Q key
    Open inventory E key
    Switch the object from one hand to the other F key
    Moving forward W button
    Move back S key
    Move left A button
    Go to the right D button
    Look around Mouse movement
    Run Hold down the Left CTRL key
    Squat Hold down the left shift key
    Change the selected object in the shortcut bar Key 1 to 9
    Display the list of players Tab key
    Open chat T key
    Execute a command T or / key
    Take a screenshot F2 key
    Switch the game to full screen F11 key
    Change the game camera F5 key
    Display the debug window F3 key

    How to change the keys of the game Minecraft?

    As you can see, the default keys in Minecraft are configured for a QWERTY keyboard. Since in France, we use AZERTY keyboards, it will be necessary to modify a few keys. Here are the different steps to follow to change the keys of the game.

    1. Access the Minecraft menu

      Launch Minecraft and once in the game, then press the Esc key

    2. Access the Option menu

      Once in the menu, click on the Option button

    3. Access the Controls menu

      Then simply click on the button Controls / Controls

    4. Change the keys of your game

      When you are in the Controls / Controls menu , the list of minecraft keys is displayed. You can modify them by clicking on them and it will suffice to press the key you want to put.

    5. Save and play!

      Once done, click Done / Done at the bottom right and enjoy the game!

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    Minecraft is such a simplistic, yet so customizable game. Many appreciate its cubic side, which makes it so unique . This simplistic side also allows some users with a less powerful computer to still be able to play relatively smoothly. On the other hand, for people with a computer capable of running better visual effects, this can become quite frustrating because, let's be honest, the options for graphics settings are quite limited… Hence the interest of shaders.
    The Sildur's vibrant shaders are among those that stand out from others. These allow you to add beautiful effects to your game, while keeping its familiar side. In designing these shaders, the author Sildur has always kept the nature specific to Minecraft, while managing to add sublime effects. In addition, the strength of Sildur's Vibrant Shaders lies in the fact that these Shaders allow any user to find what they are looking for, being offered in four versions: Lite, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme . Thus, owners of a computer with limited performance, such as those of a state-of-the-art PC, will be able to install the shaders that correspond to their machine.

    As mentioned above, the version presented (at screenshot level ) is the highest in order to demonstrate their incredible potential . Here is the list of the different effects added by these Shaders:

    NB These shaders are intended for owners of a graphics card using at least 512 MB of RAM for the Lite version, and 1 GB for the other versions, in order to obtain a smooth game.


    Dynamic Handlight : Lighting of the environment when holding a light block.
    Cel Shading : Contours of objects sharper, higher contrast on objects.
    GodRays : Visibility of the sun's rays and the moon on the edges of the blocks when you are "in the shade".
    Water Reflections : Reflection of the landscape in water.
    Depth Of Field : Focus on certain elements, thus blurring the rest of your screen, such as a camera.
    Vignette : Added darkened corners, sharper than those in detailed graphics.
    Fading : Color attenuation.
    Lens / Lens Flare : Dazzling sun and moon.
    Rain Lens : Drops of water crashing on your screen during the rain, adding a very nice effect.

    Fabulous version:

    This version works with Minecraft Vanilla in 1.16 and does not require the installation of optifine.
    To install the Fabulous version, here is the procedure to follow:

    Download the shader and drag it into your resourcepacks folder
    Launch Minecraft and select the shader from the list of resource packs.
    Go then the options for video settings and set the graphics on Fabulous.

    Download Mod : Sildurs Vibrant Shaders

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