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    posted a message on ---OPENING TODAY--- Void.Cubed.pro - Vanilla - Survival - Anarchy - Plugin Free - Lag Free - No Hacks 1.14.3+ - >>
    IP: void.cubed.pro
    Discord: https://discord.gg/baY5X7
    Website: http://donate2void.tk 
    Version: 1.14.3
    Welcome to The Void, a Vanilla Anarchy Minecraft server that intends to bring players the original experience designed by Minecraft creators.
    We are making every effort to create an active community to help both those who prefer to play in groups as well as solo players.
    Main highlights of this server:
    💎 Original Notch's Minecraft experience.
    💎 Complete player freedom.
    💎 Very little human moderation.
    💎 Vanilla settings and world generation.
    💎 Voting rewards which do not compromise the vanilla experience.
    💎 Absence of /home/tpa/kit commands, promoting the intended Minecraft difficulty.
    💎 Minimalist custom server commands.
    💎 No world resets!
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