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    Having fun with this one as the design is right up my alley!  I think I'm going to add Pams Harvestcraft to my install as the vanilla foods are just too OP/boring, especially compared to the difficulty of the rest of this pack.  I haven't played with a lot of these new tech mods, so I'm interested in trying them all out.


    I did have a LOT of trouble with the terrain generation being SUPER laggy.  Not sure if Fastcraft would solve this or not, I haven't spent enough time on it yet, but the lag when generating new terrain is real with this one.  My PC is no slouch either.  I'm running a current gen i7 with 16 GB RAM with Minecraft running from an SSD.  Exploring new territory is just too dangerous right now when frames drop so low.


    Keep up the awesome work on the modpack and the mods!

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