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    ok I added you.  Curious to see what you're building over there.  ;-)

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    posted a message on How can I access the contents of a .jar file

    A jar file is basically a zipfile, so WinZip, Zip, 7-Zip and other programs will also do it.

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    He mentioned building your own city blocks and sending them as schematic files he can drop into his available city spaces.

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    Millenaire gets my vote too.  It adds a whole world of NPCs speaking different languages, several different cultures, expanding their villages at a tireless pace.  The more you interact, the more of their language you learn, very cleverly coded.  Tons of unique cultural items you can only acquire through trade and by learning recipes from elders.  I have recently been accepted by an Inuit people, and while I can't pronounce any of their names, we have a lot of projects in the works.  My current pack also has Minecolonies, but it has a different feel: the NPCs build some lovely structures but mostly wait around for you to hand them everything.  The Life in the Village modpack has both, maybe test it out and see which you like more.

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    posted a message on Looking for modpack with specific mods

    Hi.  At some point it's just best to branch out and build your own pack.  The tools like Twitch are so advanced now, you can just scroll through lists of mods, choose the versions you want, run that bunch, then add/remove more mods until you have your own perfect world.  ;-)  We only rarely have to deal with id conflicts anymore.

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    posted a message on Anyone know a mod like this?

    Hi.  There is a vacuum chest (EnderIO or ExtraUltilities) and even the hen house from one of the chickens mods that can grab drops in a certain radius.  Item Collectors (MFR) and interface planes (Applied Energistics) work in some case.  But yeah, just having a hopper cart zooming a pattern beneath your grinder should pick up the goods.

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    Hi.  I just released a new modpack -- VeeTech2 -- which is centered on McJty's Lost Cities, with many tiers and flavors of technology to work with.  I was having so much fun playing the world, taming the city, repairing or scuttling buildings, and trying every path of tech and development, I almost forgot that the pack was ready to release a few weeks ago.  ;-)


    Main technology mods:

    Actually Additions

    Advanced Rocketry ("To the Moon, Alice!")


    Draconic Evolution

    Ender IO

    Extra Utilities

    Extreme Reactors

    Forestry/Gendustry/More Bees

    Immersive Engineering

    NuclearCraft (very cool)


    Refined Storage

    RFTools (with Dimensions of course)

    Rockhounding (so much chemistry)

    Thermal Expansion


    ... and lots of smaller tech mods like Solar Flux Reborn and Simply Jetpacks 2.


    Main mods for decoration and "extra things":


    Uncle Jeff's Paintings

    Ultimate Car Mod

    WMATM Vehicles


    I scoured the mod repository on CurseForge for a good variety of lesser-known mods.  For bit-editing, check out Little Tiles.  To capture villagers and use their heads in factories, there is Cubic Villager.  For more Nether goods, there is Nether Core.  For copying parts of your world, try Capsules and Schematica.  For fun and a real shot at the life aquatic, have Inventory Pets.


    Watch out for Infernal Mobs.  Such a classic mod from the old Hexxit days.  What good is a ruined city without an occasional radioactive mutant to give you a run for your money?


    Here it is ...

    VeeTech2 on CurseForge


    I recommend that you start with a Lost Cities world type, and start fighting your way to a safe haven.  I didn't want to dictate a load of specific quests; all the quest books just seem to encourage a rush to the top of every mod.  Just have fun conquering the buildings and setting up your own workshops and living spaces.  Take some time to build a home and enjoy the place.  To get away from the regular worlds, endless RFTools dimensions await.  Some of them reaaaally weird.  Too much fun.


    This is the direct descendant of my original VeeTech modpack for MC 1.7.2 over on Technic. 


    Thanks to all the modders for making Minecraft into one of the most versatile game experiences of my lifetime.  Cheers.


    One thing I discovered along the way, is that McJty has quietly coded a huge range of truly brilliant devices, covering a huge spectrum of what other tech mods can do.  It took me a while to get into RFTools.  For some reason I thought it more of an endgame mod.  (Yes, some of the crazy dimensions require endgame levels of power, but unless you go for super-cheaty expensive blocks, most worlds have very reasonable power costs.)   I eventually discovered that his storage system can stand up to Refined Storage, his modular energy storage rivals Flux Networks, his dimensions are a fine kind of high-tech Mystcraft, there are wireless networks, sensible teleportation, and his RFTools Controls still baffle me with all the things they can do (and I've been a programmer for 30 years), AND he designed the Lost Cities world itself.  So, a special thanks to him.


    I never get tired of exploring new mods and seeing how different coders think.  ;-)


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    posted a message on How to downgrade mods from 1.12 to 1.7.10

    You would have to code it from scratch, assuming you could get the Mod maker's permission.  There is no program that can rewrite Java code to use completely different functions automatically.


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