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    Welcome to GlassMC, where transparency and player satisfaction are our top priorities. Our server is designed to be highly accessible and fair for all players, emphasizing a free-to-play model that ensures everyone can enjoy the full experience without spending real money. Although we are only about three weeks into development, our focus is on creating a balanced, fun, and replayable environment driven by a genuine passion for the game and its community.

    Why GlassMC?


    • Free-to-Play Friendly: All players can achieve the same permissions and perks as paid ranks through in-game activities and voting. Paid ranks will also be given away during server events.
    • No Real-Money Loot Crates: All in-game content, including custom items from loot crates, must be earned through gameplay. We do not support gambling, especially involving real money.
    • Reinvestment into the Server: All income generated by the server will be reinvested into improving staff, content, custom plugins, and overall gameplay until we exceed our operational needs. Only a percentage of the generated income will return to the owners once a healthy income threshold is met and will not detriment server operations.
    • Community Focused: We aim to build a healthy, inclusive player base where everyone feels valued, regardless of their financial contributions.


    Our Vision:

    GlassMC is committed to being transparent with our community about our plans, financials, and updates. We believe in creating a server that is not just another money-making venture but a passion project where the players' enjoyment comes first. We want to build a sustainable and engaging server with traditional SMP elements, a player-driven economy, and content that keeps players engaged long-term.

    Roles We Are Looking to Fill:


    • Builders: Help us create stunning, immersive worlds.
    • Developers: Assist in developing custom plugins and features.
    • Artists: Create or learn to make custom models and textures.
    • Lore and Quest Creators: Develop engaging stories and quests for our players.
    • Social Media Managers: Help us spread the word and manage our community outreach.
    •  Team Managers: We are looking for individuals who can assist in managing the various teams and projects that are taking place during development.


    Important Note:

    While we aim to eventually compensate our team members, we are currently unable to offer payment. We are seeking passionate individuals who are excited to contribute to a community-driven project in its early stages. As the server grows and generates more revenue, our priority will be to start paying our dedicated team.



    • Preferred: Individuals in their mid-twenties or older who are no longer in school.
    • Open to: Anyone 16 years or older with a passion for Minecraft and server development.


    How to Apply:

    Interested in joining our passionate team? Reply to this thread or message me on Discord! My Discord username is walrus_lord. Let’s create something amazing together!

    Join us at GlassMC and be part of a server that truly values its players and community. We can’t wait to see what we can build together!

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