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    posted a message on Project Phoenix: Hermitcraft-like server for Adults!

    Hey any adults who love Minecraft?

    Are you one and you're tired of servers filled with kids and weird plugins?

    want a chill place to play and hangout?


    then check out Project Phoenix!


    Explore a Cool Survival World Join our server where everyone's nice, and we don't allow griefing, stealing, or hacking. (We use plugins to prevent these!)

    Build towns, trade, and go on adventures!

    We even have Simple Voice Chat!


    Meet Cool People and Have Fun Hang out with other adults who love Minecraft just like you. Chat, team up on projects, or just relax.

    Say goodbye to drama and hello to a friendly community.


    Discover Exciting Features and Build Stuff

    Earn diamonds to buy cool stuff at spawn. Join towns, go exploring, make a shop, or build whatever you want.

    It's all about having fun and being creative. Ready to Join the Fun?

    If you're an adult who loves Minecraft, we'd love to have you! Just DM me on discord at WatermelonFroggy, and I'll send you a link to our Discord. Come join us at Project Phoenix for a great time! Can't wait to see you in-game!

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